Business Builders Group: Bringing big business to small and medium businesses

Business Builders Group saw an opportunity. The kernel of their genius has brought small and medium businesses not only to the big boys, but with each other, from a place of trust.



Two years ago Geoff Hirsh spotted a gap in the business services market for SMEs. There were organisations that offered expertise in business development, others that specialised in the development of business management skills but none that supplied both.

So, in partnership with his colleague Ivan Kaye, he founded Business Builders Group and has clearly demonstrated that by supplying both there is a market in the gap.

BBG has 250 heads of SMEs as members in Australia and has recently expanded into New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

The BBG operating principle of developing Know Like and Trust between members has proved not only a strong catalyst for business lead generation but also for creating a “club” environment where members can relax with their peers, exchange advice and intelligence and benefit from presentations by experts in SME business practice.

Geoff however is far from complacent. His vision is a BBG that empowers its members to compete effectively not just with other SMEs but with big business as well. He is about to start rolling out a suite of BBG support services that will take the collective competitive clout of BBG members to an entirely new level.

To this end he is launching BBG Consulting and Advisory, designed to become a virtual consulting force that is competitive with leading international management consultancies. All BBG members will become participants and “virtual partners” in this new venture.

Here’s how it will work. Many BBG members currently win small projects from large corporations and government departments but lack the resources to bid for the major ones.

The BBG Consulting and Advisory brand will enable them to raise their sights to that level by providing them with the opportunity to hand-pick a highly skilled multi-disciplinary project team of specialists from the entire BBG member universe.

Thus it will lend an entirely new dimension to BBG members’ power to secure major clients. Geoff believes it will even enable them to claim a competitive advantage over leading consultancies because the project team they assemble will be comprised entirely of heads of SMEs as opposed to a significant proportion of junior executives. What’s more the cost benefits to the client will be significant.

Also on The Big Smoke

Following hot on the heels of this exciting initiative will be a new and improved BBG app which will add further substantial business-building potential for members by leveraging the first and second tier contacts of each BBG member for the benefit of all. Geoff’s expectation is that this will increase the referral and introduction power of BBG by a factor of 100 and transform it from a member-driven referral process into a demand-led referral engine.

In another significant innovation BBG will partner with BSI Learning to provide members with proven pathways to improved management practice. The initiative will enable business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs to combine their BBG membership with attendance at a series of high-powered half-day training and development workshops on a wide range of business subjects run by leading industry experts. BBG members can opt to extend this into an internationally recognised Diploma of Business, if they wish to.

In his fourth initiative to build support for BBG members Geoff has created a new Business Coaching Model that allows them to choose from an elite coaching panel the expertise ideally suited to help them meet the singular challenges of their business.

In the eight months since BBG became a partner in The Big Smoke business eco-system it has made huge strides in support services for its members. We have watched it develop into a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation poised to become a major disruptive force in the business services market not just in Australia but globally.

It now has the resources to significantly enhance the competitive power of virtually any SME business.

The best way to see for yourself how BBG membership can benefit your business is through attendance at a BBG Business Forum or Briefing. For further information including how to book in for these sessions just click on the events tab on the BBG website.

Or call Geoff Hirsh himself on +61 411 681 122.



Even if he’s running at a million miles an hour, as usual, he’s very adept at taking calls.


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