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Analee Gale is the Food & Health Editor of TBS. Previous to that, she was a freelance writer and editor who has spent so many decades writing about being food and fitness that she sometimes forgets to actually be fit (though she never ever forgets to eat food - hangry is a thing, you know!). Analee made a tree-change from the northern beaches of Sydney, so she now taps out tales from her base in a tiny coastal town in East Gippsland, Victoria.

Stepping up to a healthier Easter. Or not. Hail chocolate!

Yes, beyond the long weekend we’re going to look at your expanse and weep. But that’s not until Tuesday. Pass the chocolate.



Chocolate, chocolate, deliciously seductive chocolate!

Much to the dismay of our waistlines, we’re on the cusp of welcoming the most calorific holiday of the year, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are laced with cocoa, and laden with the white devil and all its incarnates.

But, salavation – I mean salvation – is nigh, according to CQUniversity physical activity researcher and 10,000 Steps proponent Professor Corneel Vandelanotte.

Professor Vandelanotte and his physical activity research group have calculated how many steps at a moderate or brisk walking pace are required to level out the energy input of those foil-wrapped delights that we all tend to overindulge in during this time of the year.

The researchers have found that women who enjoy a small carton-style chocolate egg can negate the energy input if they follow up their chomping Wonka episode with 3,025 steps at a moderate walking pace; but they will need to step things up to a brisk walk of 16,060 steps if they prefer to demolish to a large-sized chocolate bunny.

Men on the other hand, can counteract the calorie input from a small carton-style chocolate egg by taking 2,420 steps away from the fridge, at a moderate walking pace. They will, however, need to bust into a brisk walking speed for around 13,383 steps if they want to enjoy a large-sized chocolate bunny instead.

According to the team, when it comes to step calculations, hot cross buns are likened to being somewhere between a small chocolate egg and a large Cadbury egg.

Of course, Professor Vandelanotte wants us all to be reminded that walking and being active delivers many more benefits than mere calorie burning. He says, “It’s also about the enjoyment of being outdoors, possibly with friends or family.”

Now, some may suggest the research is flawed. I mean, does anyone actually stop at one egg, and who chooses only one small carton-style one anyway? I guess they’d run short of volunteers willing to walk at a brisk pace from Melbourne to Noosa, which is probably what’s required to burn off the load I’m planning on chowing down this weekend!

In all honesty, I’m likely to be in an extensive choco-coma all weekend, so the chances of pulling out the Fitbit and monitoring my steps is highly unlikely, but each to their own. Maybe we can all just commit to running like lightning to and from the pantry each time we want to devour another of the Easter Bunny’s offerings? Personally, I reckon Easter is that one time of the year where you can have your chocolate and eat it too, and to heck with the calorific consequences.

I feel like Jesus would have wanted it that way.


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