These days running a business, side hustle or extra gig is hard work. Time is the number one issue: we all want- and need- more hours in a day.



Have you ever heard the saying “Beyoncé has the same number of hours in the day as you, if she can do it, you can too”? Well, we call BS on that! Don’t compare me to Beyoncé! All credit to her, but I’m sure Beyoncé has an entourage and cash flow behind her that makes her life a little bit easier.

If you really want to make some mullah in your business, our top tip is to get organised and focus on the number one income-producing activity. Whatever your business is, use the limited time you DO have to make it count and get organised so that when you are “working” on your business you’re actually doing stuff that’s going to positively impact on your bottom line.

Your networks and contacts are your number one asset, yet there’s never really been an efficient way to consolidate, store, manage and connect with people in an easy way.

We get it: you have business cards, hand-written lists, notes in your diary… oh, and what about that napkin you wrote that person’s name on? It’s got to be somewhere… where the hell have I put it?

There are hundreds of sophisticated, complicated, super expensive and clunky CRM systems on the market, but let’s be real: who can afford the thousands of dollars to invest in these, let alone the time involved with setting them up?

The Networkish app is a simple and efficient way to help you gain control of business contacts. Imagine you could import and consolidate all your business contacts in the one place, then categorise them into Top 100, Active Prospects, Business Partners and Customers.

Better yet, imagine you could contact them directly through the app via call, message, email or messenger. It also helps you manage the prospecting process, organise meetings and run reports.

Now you can confidently run your business from your phone, anywhere you go. That amazing feeling when you’re in control of your business and contacts is priceless.
Change the way you do business, and take your business to the next level.





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