Mueller claims that Trump is/isn’t under investigation, Twitter fills in the gaps

With Robert Mueller confirming that Donald Trump isn’t (but is) currently under investigation, the internet filled in the gaps. Poorly.



And it all came tumbling down. Sort of. Tying of the noose to fit Donald Trump is a particularly complex knot. Especially considering it undoes its own logic. This lunchtime finds us perplexed as Robert Mueller, special counsel assigned to cleave the Don admitted that the sitting President is involved, but does not consider him to be a criminal target. In casual parlance, he’s Schrödinger’s President. Under the cardboard box of investigation, he’s both alive and dead.



The investigation, of course, swirls around the Russian involvement in the election that crowned the man king. An investigation, that the king has a particular mountain of umbrage for. Which is about standard. However, what makes this horse a different colour, and the stench of this news tolerable, is the response to the news on Twitter.

Which, considering what we know is very little, the rhetoric steps anywhere between, yeah, maybe and really, bro?






Ok, Internet.


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