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Protestors invade Sunrise, point fails to dawn on Armytage

With anti-Sunrise protestors gatecrashing another broadcast, the solution is obvious, even if it might be lost from those on the desk.



This morning, the staid beachside production of Sunrise was stirred by the sound of vociferous protest, as those who took umbrage with last month’s segment that swirled around the question of placing ‘at-risk’ indigenous youth with white families made themselves heard. As someone who the narrative of that segment, it rankled me.

Not because it was an issue being discussed, rather because it was discussed on my behalf.

Front-and-centre to the protestors antagonism was the presenter of the aforesaid topic, and one who sat there this morning, Samantha Armytage, who they roundly demanded an apology from, but per news.com.au, wouldn’t accept it. Which is very much the point. What we have, is two booming one-way conversations, not a discussion.



For those who missed it, it was a clash of two opposing views, articulated as well as a dust up in Woolworth’s carpark. Both sides clung to theirs, and attempted to shout over the other. On one side, it was always will be aboriginal land, the other was flying the editorial flag of Sunrise. From there, it got predictably vicious. Protestors jabbed at Armytage about her lack of heart, resolve, weight; Koch and Armytage questioned the protesters intelligence, soul and logic, with the latter even apparently taking a swipe at Channel Nine for having the gall to cover the protest.

To be fair, none of this covered anyone in glory. However, Sunrise has set itself down the path it walks down. What they’ve tapped into is the great undercurrent of unsolved schism, and now they’re seemingly shocked by the power of it.

What we need, more than anything, is a forum. Not to be divided by opinion, or a line of security fence, a place to meet and discuss. What the protestors need to do is to refine their point. Sunrise needs to do is to reverse course. The actions they’ve undertaken under great stress seems to be making matters worse, and in turn, will enable more instances like today. Their track record is not sterling in this regard. When the original demonstration erupted outside their Martin Place studio, a generic background was erected to block the demonstration. This morning, their blocking was more subtle, but no less present.



However, it is the final words of Samantha Armytage that has double meaning, and holds the point. After the demonstrators vacated, she apparently turned to those who remained, and uttered: “Sometimes you’ve just gotta stick it out.”

I say you do the opposite of that Samantha, and let us in.



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