MEET A CEO: Eddie Lees, Now Sorted

We sat down with Eddie Lees, CEO of Now Sorted, the service that looks to supply their clients the important data and documentation they require in times of crisis.



Hi Eddie! You’re the CEO and founder of Now Sorted.  Can you tell us briefly what your company is and what service you provide?

Now Sorted is a solution to problems faced by all of us when the unexpected happens, and we find ourselves needing data and documents quickly. This comes in the form of an advanced app that enables users to connect everything from all important family data to key family documents and securely store it all in a digital vault for instant access whenever needed.

The three key benefits are simplicity, security and affordability.

The service is an app accessible on any smart device where users can organise their affairs very quickly and easily ‘stay on top’ of things. They take control of all their stuff so that when the ‘unexpected’ happens, they never have to play ‘information detective’ ever again.


Now Sorted came about from a fairly serious personal experience. Would you mind telling us about it?

 The personal experience that led to the creation of Now Sorted was a sudden heart attack that had me in hospital.While in intensive care, coming through the anaesthetic, I realised that while I knew where all our important family ‘stuff’ was, my wife didn’t have a clue.

I saw myself as ‘the cobbler with holes in his shoes’ and being in an advice profession, and this episode made me so ashamed, I vowed that if I got out, I’d fix the issue.

After searching – and not finding – a suitable ready-made solution, I decided to create my own, just for my family.

When business colleagues heard about it, they urged me to turn my solution into a fully-fledged solution because they were in the same boat – and so were their clients.

That’s how it started, back in 2006.

Tell us how the app works.

The app enables both data and documents to be entered and uploaded quickly and easily on a smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac.Once entered, with just one click, a Crucial Facts Report & Directory is produced which can then be shared with ‘trusted others’ as needed.
This report is the major differentiator between regular ‘storage apps’ and Now Sorted: it connects data and documents into a readable narrative (‘Ah, so that’s how all our stuff fits together’).
In addition, a User can invite others into the vault and give permission to see some or all of the stored information; so, for example, spouses would normally share their information with each other – and probably their adult children – and probably key family advisers such as their lawyer, their accountant and their financial planner.
The entire process is intuitive and deliberately simplified so that, hopefully, we won’t even need to provide a detailed tutorial – once the first bit of information has been entered, everything else will be completely natural.


Why do you think so many people put off planning for the inevitable?

It’s a fact of human nature that we put off, put off and put off again doing most essential things in life because of inertia.
We tend to say, ‘Yeah, I suppose it’s important – and I will get around to it one day’. And then, when the unexpected really does happen, we are sadly unprepared. I was as guilty as anyone until my health issue.

This mental state applies to many things like buying life insurance, having a medical check-up or visiting the dentist. It’s the way most of us are made – and it is what makes us flawed.

So, at Now Sorted, we have a proposition to prospective Users, and it is simply this:

Witness the integrity of what we are saying. Take a free trial for two months; enter a little data and a couple of documents; produce your own Crucial Facts Report & Directory. Show it to a couple of ‘trusted others’. See how they react. If you aren’t happy with the result, you’ve lost nothing. But if, as we believe, you see value, you will have a service that will last for the rest of your life and for the lives of your children – and you will never regret it.

Though at Now Sorted we can never see data or documents, we do know when somebody is using the service – so, unbeknown to Users who engage with the app, we’ll provide a further extra free month, making three free months in all.


 Just how complicated is it to get all your information together when disaster strikes?

The problem is that we all lead busy and complicated lives and it can be hard to keep track of it all. Our estate might be organised by one specialist, our finances and insurance with another, some of it online and some on a loose piece of paper in the back of a filing cabinet. There are more than fifty steps required in order to finalise an estate… nobody really knows this, except for a few lawyers, but it’s worth mentioning just to emphasise how complicated all this can be.  If we’re not around to access our information- or we’re not able to tell someone how to find the information they need- it might unnecessarily complicate a situation at a time when family and friends are busy trying to care for you or- worst case scenario- trying to grieve.

Now Sorted makes accessing both data and documents easier than almost anything else online. It is as simple as remembering a Username and a password. In addition, we recommend storing the Now Sorted icon on every smart device, to mimic how a regular app looks.

We also want to emphasise that Now Sorted isn’t just an app for people who are fretting about what happens after they pass away. It’s an app for families, a way for them to keep track of everything they might need for any little- or large- emergency. It takes the stress out of worrying about admin when you have more important things to focus on.


What kind of information can we store in Now Sorted? 

There are no limits to the type of information storable on Now Sorted.
The entire system is based on a Family (and, again for the sake of simplicity) the billing system is built around a licence fee per Family.
With one gigabyte available per Family, it is highly unlikely anyone would ever run out of space, assuming that routine items like photos and music be stored in conventional apps made for that purpose.
There are no limits to the number of members one can store within a Family (parents, children, siblings, family, family legal/accounting/planning advisers, family trusts, partnerships, companies … no limit) However, unlike many competitors’ storage, Now Sorted is currently set up to store the following for each member or entity within a Family:

– Important documents and where originals are located
– Financial records of Assets and Liabilities
– Joint and several guarantees
– Insurance – Life (on who, owned by whom in each case)
– Insurance – Property (on what, ditto)
– Cash flow – Domestic and/or Business
– Important numbers – Bank, Credit card, Other + details
– Important people – anyone/everyone in the family circle
In short, this is a complete compendium of a User’s life. All available whenever and wherever needed.


Is the data totally private? 

All data is completely private– nobody can see it without a User’s permission. Especially nobody at Now Sorted.

Not only is the data private, it is also completely secure. We provide and publish 10 high-security protocols. Plus, we have added an 11th – about which only three people will ever know. Users may, at their own discretion, provide permission for trusted others to see/access data – and can also retract that permission.

 Anything else we should know?

We also want you to know that we are committed to always working to improve Now Sorted.
We are the antithesis of ‘set and forget’ developers. We are workaholics because we want our Users to recommend others … and they won’t do that unless we provide them an unparalleled User experience. We provide checklists for all our users which ensure they never leave out an important document as well as providing articles and links to services that may help any user at any time. To our knowledge, competing storage apps do not provide such items.

To finish, we believe the following is the implicit problem faced by every family member: man, woman, and child.


‘If you got hit by a bus tomorrow, how would I know where everything is … and how it all fits together? Seriously, how would I know?


The solution is Now Sorted. Get your free trial today!

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