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Peter Strohkorb is the CEO of Peter Strohkorb Consulting International, a business consulting firm specialising in B2B sales and marketing alignment and effectiveness.

Do You Inadvertently Turn Off Your Prospects Right From The First Contact?

In this era of the Buyer Journey it is more important than ever to connect with your target market effectively and decisively if you don’t want them to fall into the hands of your competitors.


Therefore, an effective and professional introduction is now essential. So why do most organisations and their salespeople turn their prospects off altogether right from the first contact?

What do I mean by that?

Let me give you an example. The other day I was asked by a senior executive in an IT firm to make an introduction to a CMO in my contact network. I asked them to provide me with just a paragraph on their business to make the introduction with. Let’s call them IT Company to protect the guilty. Here is an anonymised version of what they sent me:

IT Company is a US-based technology company founded in 2013, we provide a cloud-based application, designed for enterprise businesses who are committed to B2B and B2C sales transformation, and interested in automating the preparation of bespoke presentations to increase productivity and drive revenue growth, along with reporting and analytics to surface the most effective presentations.  

IT Company integrates deeply with CRM’s, BI tools and any data sources to fuse company data and approved content, delivering a high quality, interactive experience. These automatically generated presentations save a sales (or account management) teams significant preparation time; meaning they can spend longer with their customers and prospects doing what they do best: selling.

The presentations themselves are developed as web pages at a slide level, so there’s unlimited flexibility in how content is designed and the way data is visualised.

 IT Company currently works with organisations across a range of industry verticals and company sizes, clients such as (customer brands removed) and we’re also in the process of launching pilots with companies such as (brands removed).

Did you read past the first paragraph? Did you understand it? I know the company and even I couldn’t make sense of it. Imagine what the poor CMO would have thought both of IT Company and of me as the referrer.

This is an example of how it is only human nature to want to talk about ourselves and our business. Putting ourselves into our prospects’, clients’ and customers’ shoes, however, is much harder to do well.

What if there were a method to translate what we want to convey to our target audience into words that they can relate to?

Introducing the Influencer Leadership Canvas.

It is a five-step method to use your target audience’s thinking to influence and persuade them to pay attention to you.

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