The number one reason a client will purchase your product or service is they hope that it will fulfil their emotional need. Whether it be feeling good, being healthy or feeling safe, it really does not matter what they are buying: people buy hope, the hope they will gain an emotional experience.



So how can we fulfil someone’s hope? In short, offer them the solution to their needs.

There are four keys to turning leads into paying clients

Connect with the right lead

Understand what you offer, and why people buy this. If you don’t understand the problem you are solving, chances are people will not buy. Therefore, you need to become the expert problem solver in your industry.

Who is your target market? Who buys your products and services?  Define them, how old are they, what do they do, where do they hang out? Learn about your client, understand them and then work out how to connect with them on an emotional level. This will allow the client to connect with your brand and your business on an emotional level which is much more powerful.

Communicate with them to establish their emotional buying motivates

Build rapport with people so you understand them- not just their needs- by taking the time to get to know your clients personally you will not only convert them to customers, but create raving fans. Be authentic, honest and real, this way people can relate to you and your business on a personal level. Also, be constant: do what you say you do.

Do your web site, youtube, linked and facebook pages all have a consistent message?

If not, you will not meet your customers’ expectations. A simple way to do this is do not use istock photos: have photos of your business, of you offering your services or product. This way people are seeing what they get rather than an istock standard photo that is not you and not real

Conversion is all about helping the personal “ John” (yes they have a name, they are a real person) see how your product or service will help them achieve their needs

Demonstrate how your product and service will solve their problem. For example, as a business coach in the health industry, we run a 6-week program on how to get more clients and convert them into raving fans. We sell a product that will give health professionals a fit and healthy business, creating more clients and more sales.

The problem we are solving for a lot of these professionals is they need more clients, so this is what the course does: it simply creates your more client

You need to over deliver

We all love a free set of steak knives! In today’s world with fly buys and customer loyalty cards, you need offer massive value to your clients. So, what is your add-on you can give clients to increase the perceived value of their purchase?

Offering added value will increase the buy of the perspective client leading to a higher conversion rate. A local coffee shop does this by offering a free chocolate with a purchase of a coffee. It brings people back as they get that little bit extra that other cafes do not offer, creating loyalty.

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