The location of one’s router is massively important in the grand scheme of things. So much so, that one physicist has donated his time to solving the puzzle.



Where to place one’s router is ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ for adults. Except the image of the donkey doesn’t exist, and there’s no sugar offered as a prize, just a slightly better performance of that service you’ve paid for. Fun fun.

However, according to some pioneering dork (and physicist) has endeavoured to donate his life, and genius to solving this Rubik’s cube with no stickers. In English, an unsolvable puzzle.

Physicist Jason Cole has figured out a formula that can work out the best place to position your wireless router, using something called the Helmholtz equation, which allowed him to model the electromagnetic waves bleeding from a router.

Which sounds wonderfully complex, and if you happen to watch the video below, it’s also quite soothing and a bit purdy.

His findings are shocking. Primarily because they’re wrapped in the warm blanket of the massively obvious.

According to Cole, placing your router in the middle of your house gleans the best results.

Well, duh, Doctor Dork. However, Cole concedes that that might not be that practical, so he suggests that you place your internet box of power in a spot that is the dead centre of the house, one that takes all the rooms into account.

I mean, well, yeah.

Although, his findings are quite emboldening, as I, like many, assumed that becoming a physicist was beyond my scope, reach and understanding.

As it turns out, not to so much. Happy browsing. I guess.



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