As we discover in life, a change in perspective is often enabled by greater education. Adrian Ramsay’s Design from a Different Perspective tour will change how you see living space.



There are times in life when you are moved to do something wonderfully and definingly different.

Like visiting Antarctica or La Scala, taking a course at the Cordon Bleu Institute Paris, chilling out in seven-star luxury at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai, cruising the world on the Seven Seas Explorer or going to Austin Texas on the Design From A Different Perspective Tour led by Adrian Ramsay.

Design From A Different Perspective is a total immersion in the design and development of world-class homes. The tour comprises an event in Austin providing exposure to world authorities in these fields and visits to homes which showcase state-of-the-art trends in a city that prides itself on world best practice. The home visits will be led by Adrian, a designer of world-class expertise in the field of architectural design.



The tour is an invaluable investment in quality of living for anyone planning a new dream home or renovation as well as for the professionals who help make these dreams come true.

The event in Austin is scheduled from Wednesday 24th to Monday 29th of October 2018. It will open with a Welcome Cocktail Party then Thursday and Friday will be devoted to a program of intimate breakout sessions and Q&As with distinguished experts on architecture, home design, materials, interior design, development and the latest global trends. This program has been designed in collaboration with the prestigious Austin Institute of Architecture.

The Institute has honoured Adrian by granting him permission to lead his own tour from Australia to see the chosen breath-taking homes in the Austin area on Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th October. This will afford tour members the opportunity of not only experiencing the absolute latest in home design and development but also of appreciating why Adrian has become such a towering figure in the field.



Each year Adrian visits a world centre of excellence in home development to reinvigorate his passion for design. This is the first year he has invited others to join him for the experience.

They will appreciate his innate ability to decode elements in sector trends and to bring to his work the subtle nuances that make his home designs so refreshingly different. Adrian makes dreams of homeowners come true because he not only has a unique ability to visualise and realise them but also to render them achievable.

For architects, designers, developers, suppliers, builders and interior designers, this is a priceless opportunity to appreciate what it will take to stay ahead of the game.

For those about to undertake a major investment in a home and lifestyle, the tour will be an invaluable inspiration and guide on the best way to spend their money.



People who simply love great architecture and design will derive great exhilaration and fulfilment from their Austin experience.

The tour is for an intimate group of 20 people only. Booking before June 30th secures an early bird price of only $3,697 to attend the event at Austin. This represents a saving of $500.

It is anticipated that tour members will require flexible individual arrangements for travel and accommodation. Zoe Sparks has been specially briefed to meet the special requirements for the tour and she can be reached
at or on (+61)418 986 493.

To book your place or find out more please phone the ARDH Office on (+61)490 547 760 or book online at

Here is Adrian with his custom designed wine cellar and another superb example of his work:




An early call is advisable as many will share a positive perspective on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appreciate Design From A Different Perspective.




Adrian Ramsay

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