South Korea details peace plan via USB, Donald tries to claim it

A USB exchanged hands when South and North Korea met, on it was an ambitious plan for a unified Korea. Sadly, one moron is trying to undercut the moment with his presence. Guess who.



North meeting South Korea was the Berlin Wall moment of this generation. However, whether we believe it or not, both disparate parties are continuing to walk toward mending fences. This morning, South Korean President Moon Jae-in has presented his Northern counterpart with a detailed blueprint for peace.

Strangely, the laurels of this peace sit on the contents of a thumb drive that exchanged hands at the famous meet, as Moon Jae-in crossed the DMZ, armed not with an AK47, but with a USB. A pedestrian office resource that represented the dove of peace. Hopefully, it was a chintzy dove-shaped storage device. Cute.

Nevertheless, today the world discovered what was on that drive. Other than an agreement to end the Korean War (the one that had run since 1953, and through two iterations of M*A*S*H), there was also a push to de-nuclearise the Korean peninsula.

However, packing away the barbed wire and lowering the brick walls does nothing to bridge the two Koreas. To that end, Moon’s USB promised economic co-operation, and a resumption of joint social programs that had been stalled, or shut down in the past. For an easy contemporary example, look at the unified Korean team at the recent Winter Olympics.



The extremely fictional sounding South Korean Unification Ministry said the blueprint also aims to create a single market for the two countries. This will lay the first bricks of unification, job creation and economic growth. According to the Korean (South) publication, JoongAng Daily believes that the vague promise of a power plant would indicate that is the carrot South Korea is offering in exchange for denuclearisation.

Peace, or at least, the chances of peace, is going to be a pair of new shoes for both countries. They may look odd, and they may not fit properly, what they need is time to grow into them. What the world needs to do, is to not interfere in these early days. To let both parties discover things that they love about the other, without a third party climbing into bed with them.

Sadly, third party, thy name is Donald. Everyone’s geopolitical problem is set to visit Kim for his own discussion. South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper believes summit will take place in “mid-June” and also believe that it has gained greater momentum since the storied meeting between North and South.



Good lord. I don’t want to be cruel here, but he’s the realpolitik version of a cigarette after sex. It believes it has value, but it did none of the furious work that preceded it. He’s just there, smug asking both parties if they liked what he did, and if it was good for them too. 



Don, please.




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