The Royal Wedding is almost upon us. With so many faces expected to show, one broadcaster is using AI to fill in the gaps.



The upcoming Royal Wedding will be the social event of this generation. However, with the coronation of a maybe one-day King and his maybe-one day Queen, comes many invitations, and with it, a lot of smiling faces in the Church come May 19.

Which poses a problem, unless you spend most of your time articulating the features of the most minor of royals, the big day will be punctuated with confusion, as lingering close-ups will leave us wondering who is that? However, one UK broadcaster is endeavouring to fill in the gaps.

In their coverage of the big day, Sky News will implement facial-recognition technology to grant their viewers more information on those mysterious wrinkly figures who emerge from the gilded doors of a Rolls-Royce Privilege. It’s essentially the modern version of that loud-voiced gentleman who stood at the door of the hall and announced the title of the guests to the room. Like Pride and Prejudice, innit.

Supplying this e-Prejudice is Amazon and their Rekognition platform, a cloud-based tool that the company says can detect, track, and analyze faces. The reason why, is the bottom line, as this AI is cheaper than paying for a human broadcaster to research and speak to each guest as they arrive. Like a robo-Angela Bishop.

Which makes some of the sense, but not all, because it’s the royal wedding, and money will be no object. Unless you’re a commoner invited, as apparently, you have to pack your own lunch.

With the above tech comes questions about the privacy implications of using artificial intelligence-based surveillance on people. Especially those who are unaware that it is happening, and especially what happens when that surveillance is easily shared with anyone who downloads Sky News’ app. Which, you can think about, but lighten up. It’s a wedding, you’re ruining it.


Look. Look at Meghan. She’s glowing.


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