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Scott Morrison is lip-syncing his post-budget performance

Yesterday, Scott Morrison appeared on the ABC to shout at Bill Shorten. If they’re up to mud-slinging to sell the budget, they’re in trouble.



Once upon a time, we were treated to the spectacle of Ashlee Simpson lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live. Her hit song continued despite her lips not moving. The jig was certainly up, and all she could do was punctuate her uselessness by doing a jig of her own.

Yesterday, Scott Morrison’s performance on our own nationally syndicate faux-entertainment show Insiders followed a similar step. Morrison highlighted an obvious truth. It seems in the days after the budget, the Coalition are completely out of ideas, as they’ve already regressed to the simplest form of discourse, hurling whatever mud they can scoop with their hands. For those who missed it, ScoMo got decidedly shouty, aiming insults that you’d expect to be yelled out a car window by an excited juvenile in front of his jeering friends:



I mean, leave my nan out of this ScoMo, and I’ll leave this out of your nan. With that in mind, Greg Jericho of The Guardian pointed out that his zinger wasn’t even that accurate, stating:



The other problem with the Budget is that we’re not allowed to see it, as Morrison absolutely refuses to release the extended costs of the purported measures, especially the eradication of the 37% tax bracket. The reason behind the refusal is that Morrison believes the projections would be “unrealiable”. The projections are important, because Labor won’t come to play without seeing the extended costs. In fact, Scott will reveal his measures only if Bill shows him his first, stating: “So when people want to apply the same standards to the government that they do to the Labor party, fair enough, but on this score we have supplied the clear costing over 10 years and Labor is looking for excuse not to provide tax relief for Australians because they don’t believe in it.”

I mean, this is supposed to be an election budget. A carrot to dangle in front of the electorate. Morrison is only suceededing in doing the reverse. To use clickbait parlance: “…ruin your credibility with this one weird trick”



There’s a very obvious target for this negging: one Bill Shorten. However, despite the purported crimes of your nan, this very concerted attempt to smear bill has operated well outside the barbs of Scott, as they’ve stooped to the realm of the ridiculous elsewhere, as Mathias Cormann dipped a toe in the full troll experience, battering Bill’s door with not only a fistful of hashtags, but also reaching via a famous quote:



Yo, Mathais. Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan – John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

In the final analysis, we’re not buying this obvious misdirection. Obvious misdirection is obvious. It’s like ScoMo assumes we haven’t been paying attention. The lack of our assumed intelligence is probably the greatest insult, and might be the main reason why it will cost the Coalition votes. I mean, who wants to vote for someone who believes that you’re stupid? The problem with the Coalition’s budget is the coalition’s budget. Emptying your bin on next door’s lawn, claiming that the refuse was theirs might ensure the rubbish is not on your property, but no-one is buying the bullshit story that accompanies it.





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