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Daniel Paci is a heralded industry leader and mentor. While he might be a man in the know, he’s also willing to impart what he knows, allowing his students to reach their financial freedom.



The chances are that if you’re not in the mortgage or finance broking business you’ve never heard of Daniel Paci.

He wasn’t a top footballer or cricketer, doesn’t appear regularly in the media, he’s not involved in politics and, incredibly, Scott Morrison didn’t consult him about the budget.

However, if you are in mortgage and finance broking business you will almost certainly have heard of him because he’s an industry leader and an MFAA mentor who has launched hundreds of brokers on successful careers.

Above all Daniel is driven by the fulfilment of witnessing people he’s brought into the business achieve personal and financial freedom. And he’s very proud of the fact that only a very few of them have fallen short of that mark.

Daniel is now looking to fill a limited number of vacancies in his next mentoring programme.

He is seeking top practitioners in accounting, legal practice, real estate, strata management, financial planning and similar fields who are looking to extend beyond their current business model into a compatible venture with high returns.

Their preferred attributes are established client lists and a position of control that allows them to have operational flexibility. While mortgage broking on this programme is initially a part-time focus it can sometimes lead to a wider application later on.


Success in mortgage broking is dependent on the right start and learning from a professional. There are hundreds of successful mortgage brokers who today are very thankful they followed the Daniel Paci pathway.


Mortgage brokers joining Daniel’s programme become their own boss with no lock-in contracts. They benefit from working with the market strength of Vault Mortgage and the support services of Become-a-Broker, both of which are members of the same group.

Commissions are derived from initial sales and in addition, there’s a tailing commission for the life of loans.

Daniel’s Pathway to Financial and Personal Freedom begins with an intensive six-week course designed to qualify members to start broking operations.

It comprises the completion of Certificate IV in finance and mortgage broking, certificate in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism in finance, securing membership of the Credit and Investment Ombudsman, joining the Finance Brokers of Australia Association or the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia, gaining professional indemnity insurance, receiving intensive personal mentoring from Daniel and a number of further steps down the pathway.

All this incurs a set-up cost of just $4,998. A further personal mentoring programme designed by Daniel that covers the next two years is also included.

Like most careers, success in mortgage broking is heavily dependent on getting off to the right start and learning the tricks of the trade from a true professional. Daniel is a fully qualified MFAA and FBAA mentor with a peerless reputation. There are hundreds of successful mortgage brokers who today are very thankful they followed the Daniel Paci pathway.

Mortgage broking is a rapidly growing market which offers the opportunity of very high returns on a relatively small investment of time and money.

You will enjoy meeting Daniel, he’s such a knowledgeable and helpful guy.

He is located at Suite c 1.08, 50-52 Lyons Rd Drummoyne 2047 and can be reached on 0401 167 149 or 1300 798 676 or [email protected] – or you can apply to join his mentoring programme at

Daniel’s Pathway to Financial and Personal Freedom is no short-cut but is one of the surest ways to get there.


Daniel Paci

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