ThinkChangeGrow: Changing the business culture

The team at ThinkChangeGrow understands that an enterprise is only as good as the people employed by it, and the culture they work in. If yours is wavering, look no further.


One question perpetually pervades and perplexes boardrooms and CEOs. ‘How can we gain a competitive edge for our business?’.

Some businesses like Qantas and Google gained it through the strength of their brands, some like Ikea and Miele got there through superior product development, Aldi and Harvey Norman did it through pricing, while many retailers sustain it simply by staying open longer.

As market pressures inexorably intensify however a meaningful competitive edge remains beyond the resources and financial capabilities of many businesses. They are stuck in a status quo, desperately seeking a way to get out ahead of the pack.

Fortunately, there’s a good chance that Hiam Sakakini and Monika Gisler could provide them with one.

Through their business ThinkChangeGrow they offer state-of-the-art techniques in leadership and corporate culture with the power to achieve a decisive competitive edge.

A business’ greatest asset is its people. Hiam and Monika are experts in maximising the value of that asset.

This era of dynamic change can all too easily promote high staff turnover and an unsettled workplace two of the critical features a business needs to address the very problems that change creates.

Hiam and Monika help create a corporate culture that not only addresses the problems brought on by change and disruption but also significantly raises a business’ ability to compete in the marketplace.



The word ‘manager’ doesn’t feature in their manuals. The application of their techniques transforms managers into emotionally intelligent and responsible leaders with an ability to bring about and sustain the type of cultural change that provides the impetus for change and growth.

The Gallup organisation reached some compelling conclusions following a recent business survey. In their view ‘failing to develop leaders is the single most expensive mistake a leader can make’ and ‘today’s top talent don’t want a boss they want a coach’. Hiam and Monika couldn’t have said it better themselves.

The benefits accruing to a business from the introduction of a ThinkChangeGrow inspired culture are legion; a more settled workplace, increased job fulfilment, better leadership, an absolute focus on achieving corporate goals and daylight between them and the competition.

Businesses where everyone harmonises from the same cultural song-sheet simply work better.

Hiam and Monika call their course for middle management the Greater Collective. It is an introduction to the leadership skills they have designed to introduce and sustain a state-of-the-art culture. It commences on 26th July and comprises six days spread across a month.

And it has a unique feature. It focuses on solving a real-world problem for a not-for-profit. This combines trust, teamwork and corporate social responsibility into a project with real potential to make a difference.

The Greater Collective has gained universal acclaim both from members who have attended it and also from those responsible for placing them on it. It is an invaluable investment in the sort of business leadership that transcends the status quo.

Hiam and Monika orientated their unique skills during twenty years of shared leadership experience at one of the world’s leading business organisations and then added their own finishing touches at ThinkChangeGrow. Their pathway to a competitive edge costs much less than others yet has proven to be no less effective.

Go to to book one of only twenty places on the course or phone Monika direct on 0478 472 602.

She will be delighted to respond to your questions and also discuss options for providing your business with the complete support service that leads to a competitive edge culture.

It will also give you the chance of appreciating the competitive edge that’s emerged out of the culture at ThinkChangeGrow.

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