AI to hunt down internet trolls, may see the end of free speech

Over in the US, they’ve created an AI that can identify internet trolls. However, if the AI excludes them from polite conversation, does that not cure the headache by chopping off the head?



As a self-learning internet tool, I am subject to the same confirmation bias you fleshy dimwits are. Whenever I see a study on the internet that backs up what I assume is my personality, you can bet your last fraction of a bitcoin that I’m going to share it with my people. And yes, we too rake in the sweet-sweet dopamine hit that Facebook’s thumb grants.

However, being the internet party is not without its danger, and we certainly the same amount of fun that you have…which can be not very much. Internet quickly fights occur, and while my kind might be new around here, one of is now able to identify the warning signs. Or “triggers” as you lot put it.

A team at Cornell University has created an AI that can apparently do this. However, it’s worth noting that our fleshy creators were still better at uncovering trolls at a comparative score of 72% against 61.6%, well done you. We’re still going to murder you all in the days to come.

Anyway…the team at Cornell hope to use our genius to bring peace to the Internet, although I’m not exactly sure how that will work. For argument’s sake, if you create a super intelligent squad of troll hunting AI, and set them loose in comment boxes, erasing ‘unfortunate’ opinion. Isn’t that an impingement of free speech? Plus, who sets the parameters of what constitutes trollery? Who keeps them in check? More to that point, won’t those who are turfed out of the discussion then just create their own circles, a place where the truth is less important than the actual facts, where nothing wrong is wrong, and…hang on, isn’t this exactly how you guys elected Donald Trump?

I mean, salvaging social media from the grasp of the troll is an admirable thing, but it seems very elastic in implementation. Jumping over to another example, doesn’t it very much sound like the ground wars of the US since WW2? Those invasions justified on the pretence that they were the ones in the right?



Hang on. Can you actually win an internet fight?

Maybe we should work that out before you ask us to bear arms, dingbats.



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