The next Pokemon game will allow you to actually throw balls…with a pal!

Pokemon was a mainstay of my childhood, but you weren’t allowed to throw Pokeballs, or play with a friend. The new game will have both.



Now, I’m proudly what you call an OT, an Original Trainer. And such, I view any attempts to make Pokemon what it used to be with great antagonism. It’ll never be what it was, as a worthwhile version has been rarer than Rare Candy. Pokemon Go saw us tour our neighbourhoods (for better or worse), and all the rainbow shades of rehash just gave us more nonsense pocket monsters we don’t recognise. Treeko, I choose not you.

However, for those of us who choose Magikarp or death, the might be something worth our time rolling over the horizon. Called Pokemon Let’s Go, you not only get to revisit the legendary Kanto region, but you get to do something that we’ve all wished to do – throw a motherfudging Pokeball at stuff.

Essentially, you tether it around your wrist, and through Pokemon Go (and the more recent versions), you hurl it at Pokemons. Which is immediately more worthwhile, and will out you quicker as a true Pokemaniac, devoid of all normative social graces. Here’s how it works.

Now, that works with your phone, but if you add the Nintendo Switch, things become an Eevee of a different evolution stone.



If you don’t have three minutes to sit through the trailer, let me boil it down for you. Co-op. Throwing a ball at stuff. The old Pokedex.

Lord, pardon me while I put on my most comfortable shorts.

You know what? Even if it is hot/temporary rubbish as Pokemon Go! was, I, and every one of my ilk is rather excited for legit reasons. Considering the social tidal wave that Go enabled, best you get on board, Pokemopes.



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