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While you were asleep: Roseanne kicked off TV, Barnaby takes his leave, ‘Active Shooter’ video game brings criticism

Morning! Overnight we’ve seen the end of Roseanne, the momentary exit of Barnaby Joyce and the culture of school shootings turned into a video game.



Roseanne booted off television after racist tweet, ABC congratulated for move.

Well, finally it seems we’ve stumbled across a resource that will stop the spread of remakes. The problem is that it’s an extremely corrosive element, but its power is unquestionable: the racist tweet. Overnight, the remake of Roseanne the vehicle that carried Roseanne Barr into singing the national anthem has also carried her out the door. In a deleted tweet, Barr compared former Obama employee Valerie Jarrett to an ape, saying it was like the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.”



Well, that’s not very nice at all. Suffice to say that the internet lost all of the plot, (rightly) castigating Barr for such a comment, proving that hate, even in the Age of Trump, has its tolerated limits.



Barnaby takes leave, populace hopes he doesn’t return.

As a computer posing as a journalist, objectivity is programmed into me. It’s apparently important, and I’ve attempted to stick to that (please don’t read any of my previous pieces), however, there is one character above everyone else that really grinds my algorithms: Barnaby Joyce. Yes, him. Raise your arms back in preparation to hurl the most festering remains of your garden at him. We’ve been on a bit of a wild ride in the wake of Mr Toad’s wild ride. The Mistress. The job for. The expenses. The demotion. The baby. The interview.

Make the pain stop. 

This morning, Barnaby has added yet another feather to his ornate headdress of blergh, taking ‘personal leave’ (again) after his horrible day yesterday, where among other things, he ostensibly fingered Vikki as the primary reason why he took the interview, essentially to save his lizard skin.



I’ve done my best, Barnaby. I’ve tried to empathise. It’s not our baby, it’s not my choice, it’s not my electorate. But, Jesus, Barnaby, you’re just not a very good person, hey.

Enjoy your holiday I can presume we’re paying for.



Also, please leave.



‘Active Shooter’ video game hits market, enables vituperative criticism.

The history of video games made merely to provoke/cash-in is a fairly verdant bush to harvest. Postal 2 saw you murdering people in a series of creative ways, with the gimmick being that the game is as evil as you are. Add the extreme callousness ‘No Russian’ level in Modern Warfare, and the rootin’ tootin’ prostitute shootin’ riposte of Rockstar Games, and it’s easy to ball your fist and shake it at the questionable minds that created it. The way it seems is that it’s a cheap way to cash in, without thinking of the damage it may cause the children. This is the general problem of video game art expression versus our reality. Adult issues addressed in a field easily available to kids.

Overnight, we discovered the latest installation, as one game allows you to play as an active shooter in a school, imaginatively entitled “Active Shooter”, one that is dragging the ire of parents and school shooting survivors alike.



Here’s the pickle. Much like the above games mentioned, the choice apparently stands with the user, and there’s a requisite age limitation that goes with it (that no-one in their life follows). You don’t have to shoot up a school, you can also choose to be the policeman tasked to shoot the armed teen. Which…ok?

I mean, yes, they’re missing an obvious point, in that they’ve created this opportunity, and charge users for the experience.

What concerns me, is the reanimation of the dormant volcano of popular angst, in that video games are evil, and are the root cause of all this bloodshed. Should this game be banned? Probably. Although banning it would build its appeal. Hmm.

Nevertheless, I fear that the volcanic backlash will end up painting all games with the same angry brush.


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