On a girl’s night out, they formed a bond that would turn into a connection of likeminded ambition and drive! Every conversation from that night forward would involve discussions around the prospect of one day working together and building an amazing business.


At that point, the vision was big but neither really knew where their common goals would lead them.

Kristina has always had a passion for all things business. Coming from a corporate background with a great depth of experience in the areas of business management, financial planning and marketing, she had a vision for something bigger and has aspired to help others live the dream.

Michelle comes from a creative background, working in the fashion industry for 15 years. From design, brand management, buying, and label start-ups, her eye for detail and visual edge saw her reach the top of her game.

Career-wise, they were both at a crossroads, and it was at this point that the friends turned business partners. Michelle joined a network marketing business in 2013, her passion for the industry inspired her to want to share the opportunity with others. Kristina was quick to join the business as she
 recognised a major opportunity in the network marketing industry, and with her knowledge that the model was the business of the 21st century, she commenced working on her own business alongside Michelle.

Working in their own networking businesses they identified that network marketing processes had not yet innovated with the business model.

Thus, the idea for Networkish was born.

There were no digital tools available to network marketers and SME business owners that bridged the gap between a growing industry and the processes involved with building those businesses. The most common problems and issues identified are the following:

I can’t keep track of my business

I can’t get organised

I don’t have enough people to talk to

I don’t have enough time

I don’t have a tool to offer my team

The problems above have a major impact on these business owners as they are unable to focus on income producing activity, building relationships, keeping track of their business activity and they are wasting valuable time in areas that can now be simplified and streamlined.

Networkish is an all-in-one app that provides everything required to run a virtual networking business from a mobile phone, anywhere and anytime. Aimed at increasing productivity and saving time, which is the most valuable commodity.

We’re on a mission to evolve our industry, to simplify the way we all do business and to help professionals in our industry work smarter. Our goal from day one was to provide a solution that will enable people to build bigger, better and more sustainable businesses. We have created a way to streamline and simplify the way contacts are stored, the way we network, and the way we track and monitor the prospecting process.

We have listened to the problems faced by our leaders, colleagues, and teams, and now we are so excited to deliver you the most innovative digital solution for the networking industry that will take business to the next level!

For more info, visit www.networkish.net



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