While you were asleep: Kimmel’s blackface allegations, Crayola tempts fate, Hanson jets to London

Monday. Hooray. Overnight, an internet feud involving Jimmy Kimmel went south, Crayola learned nothing from the past and Pauline Hanson buggered off to London.




Kimmel/Hannity feud goes sour, allegations of blackface emerge.

Hmm. It’s a particularly grim morning when you agree with Alex Jones. This morning, the man who feared the sexuality of frogs (and birthed a thousand techno dancefloor fillers) published a piece which actually has some merit and perhaps also provoking a discussion worth having.



Also, odd framing of the piece. Not that blackface is wrong, but rather who can get away with it.

Moving on.

A explainer of the above tweet: Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity of FOX are currently trading barbs over the Trumps. During the squabble, Hannity unearthed a sketch from a 2004 episode of The Man Show, one where Kimmel seemingly dons blackface/everything to satirise NBA demigod Karl Malone.



I mean, yeah. It’s devoid of entertainment, and mocking the voice of the man is not cool. I mean, yes, comedy. But the conservatives have a point. Is blackface blackface? Or are there shades of it? Seemingly, Kimmel’s impersonation seems to be based on admiration, but their point remains. If a conservative did it, surely they’d be gone the way of Roseanne.

To use a rather trending meme: Is this blackface?

So, apology or no?



Crayola asks the populace to name their new colour. The fools, the damn fools.

Insanity, as it is often said, is doing the same thing but expecting different results. For whatever reason, maybe the traffic, maybe the chance to rig the results, those in power continue to give us the opportunity to name something. But it’s always something archaic. Something that we’d only use if the preferable option is available. So, alongside the boat, ferry and train, write the word crayon (in pen), as Crayola want our help in naming something.

Stop, no, please.




Pauline Hanson escapes to London, but we should pay attention to the reasons why.

This morning, Pauline has done what all action stars have done, and what all viewers hope to do: walk away from an explosion and not look at it. While it seems that Pauline has fled the sight of her nation falling into the sea by jetting off to London, the reasons why should probably be the more important issue.

Hanson is set to meet the jailed far-right activist Tommy Robinson, who is behind bars for breaking the law, but is currently being incorrectly elevated as an icon for the downtrodden.



In a video, Hanson remarked: “I support you and I hope I can get to see you and bring the messages from the Australian people to you, because I can tell you, you’re not alone.”



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