iFLYflat: Ensuring that business class travel is affordable by more than one class of business executive

To most of us, flying business class is just a dream. However, with iFLYflat it can be a (very affordable) reality.



Flying business class on international flights takes you into a comfort zone that’s a million miles from economy.

From the moment you arrive at the airport, you are subject to segregation. Business class passengers go to the VIP check-in counter while the economy class joins a long winding queue. You hear stories about other people being upgraded but somehow it never seems to happen to you.

On your way to your seat in the back section which allows around three centimetres of space between your legs and the seat in front, you pass through the business class section where passengers are already sipping Moet in spacious luxury.

For most people sleeping upright for hours on end in an airline seat is as difficult as dozing off in a disco. Flying flat is much more likely to ensure you arrive upright and ready for business.

Steve Hui believed that owners and entrepreneurs who work their backsides off in small and medium businesses should aspire to fly business class on international flights every bit as much as their counterparts in big business. He evolved a brilliant scheme to make it happen and founded iFLYflat to market the service to the CEOs and directors of businesses with a turnover of a $1million plus.

His breakthrough service in international executive class travel comprises two distinct elements.

iFLYflat acts as a business credit card points consultant. They advise on the optimum cards to use for regular commercial transactions, the ones they calculate will offer the potential to produce the maximum points that are redeemable on the airline routes most travelled by the client. They are experts in navigating the maze of multiple airlines, flights and cards to identify the optimum strategy.

As a result, clients gain maximum points for the international travel of maximum benefit to their business.

iFLYflat also acts as a rewards points travel agent. They apply both the accrued frequent flyer points and the credit card points to secure business travel at half-price or sometimes much less. They have an amazing reputation for always managing to get the right ticket on the right airline at the right time at a price that’s more than right.

They save their small and medium business clients between $15,000 and $42,000 a year at an average of $5000 a ticket.

No wonder iFLYflat clients call them the ’Points Whisperer’.

Clients pay a one-off fee of just $3499 to secure the points consultancy service that optimises their company’s points potential. Then once you have the points their points flight finder concierge will get you flying in business class to Asia and countries in close proximity for an all-in flat-price of $1500 a ticket and an all-in flat-price of $2500 a ticket to more distant destinations including UAE, Europe, USA and the rest of the world. That’s a far cheaper outcome than the $8000 to $11000 regularly quoted by your travel agent.

iFLYflat’s clients are effusive in their praise of this service. They travel in greater comfort without incremental cost to the business and are relieved of the hassles involved in researching international travel options as well as making all the arrangements and bookings.

Management of their international business class travel arrangements is under the direction of the acknowledged leader in this field. Steve Hui maximises benefits for business through his unique expertise in unlocking the hidden value in points and converting it into international business class travel.

Steve has founded a flourishing business around this brilliant breakthrough concept. He was recognised as the 2014 Young Business Leader by CPA Australia

You can begin the process of securing this hidden value in business class travel either by contacting Steve through www.iflyflat.com.au or [email protected] or phoning iFLYflat on (02) 9258 1115.

You’ll soon discover why in small and medium business circles the Points Whisperer has become something to shout about.


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