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Diagnostics and Finance: In the medical sector, prevention is always better than a cure

The awful truth is that those who save our lives, seldom look after their own. It’s why Aaron Whybrow formed Diagnostics and Finance, a service that looks after the financial needs of the medical sector.



Medical patients are among the most demanding clients of any industry.

Their needs are utterly unpredictable and can become a priority and even an emergency any time 24/7.

This makes it extremely difficult for members of the medical sector to lead planned orderly lives and give proper attention to the management of their personal affairs such as finance. It also makes life difficult for medical organisations as well. The intense focus of both on looking after other people’s lives means they often don’t have the time to pay due care and attention to their own.

It’s not merely a case of lacking the time and expertise to self-manage satisfactorily. They’re often so busy that they can even lose sight of the need to look after their own interests.

During his career in the medical sector, Aaron Whybrow recognised this problem and decided to create a service organisation to address it, to enable both organisations and individuals in the sector to secure effective management of their personal affairs without prejudicing in any way the welfare of patients.

As a result, he built Diagnostics and Finance, a service organisation with an absolute focus on the needs of organisations and people in the medical sector for special support in the management of personal finances. It has the capability to cure financial ills but is designed primarily to prevent them.

Aaron describes Diagnostics and Finance as the first-ever one-stop finance shop for the sector.

It can act as a virtual finance manager for a doctor, a practice, a nurse, a hospital or a medical centre. It minimises the hassle, the pressure, the complexities of financial responsibilities in busy medical lives.

Aaron Whybrow, RN, DipFMBM, BN, MBA Managing Director Diagnostics and Finance

Aaron Whybrow, RN, DipFMBM, BN, MBA Managing Director Diagnostics and Finance

Aaron’s unique and carefully-crafted package comprises services in business finance, life insurance, income insurance and mortgage insurance. And there is absolutely no better source for the best home loan deal.

His industry experience has inculcated the importance of shaping his services to the limited time availabilities of clients and the issues most crucial to them. Above all whether it’s for an organisation or an individual he appreciates that delivering value for money is a number one priority.

There are a number of videos on the Diagnostics and Finance website featuring endorsements from satisfied clients, some of them praising the significant difference Aaron has brought to their lives. You can also see videos of his regular updates on current finance market trends.

Aaron is driven by strong conviction. He believes that optimum financial services derive from an in-depth appreciation of clients’ total profiles including career and personal characteristics for an individual, and business and community characteristics for an organisation. That’s why he places great emphasis on forming a close personal connection with clients.

Contact Aaron either by giving a call on (02) 9188 4488 or through the website at www.dandf.com.au. You will be engaged by his personality and impressed by his expertise and commitment.

Aaron believes that a profession so dedicated to first-class treatment should expect no less from him.

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