Most noticeably, I have been involved in valuations for acquisition matters. These have taken place for a number of reasons such as road widening or expansion of public purpose areas.



On behalf of those clients being dispossessed, I have managed to value and assist in robust discussion, achieving the correct and- at times- even higher outcome. I’ve made sure that homeowners are being adequately and properly compensated for the fair market value of their property. The value of the property is part of the exercise, but empowering the owners with market knowledge and peace of mind is also another. This assists to facilitate the correct outcome which is fair and beneficial for all parties.

As an example, one such property was valued by an acquiring authority at $2,600,000. My valuation assessment was $2,790,000, a valuation that was then not contested and the matter was agreed upon at my assessment. In another matter, the valuation was increased from $2,700,000 to $3,000,000. Each matter is of course individual however, and needs to be assessed on its own merits.

In addition to acquisitions, my office regularly values properties for pre-purchase advice. The most recent example was assessing the value of a two bedroom unit in Marrickville at up to $790,000. My client subsequently purchased the property for $800,000. This shows a variance of approximately 2%. It is this level of accuracy and attention to detail which enables my clients to rely on my services and make informed decisions.

Other valuations, either recently completed or in progress, include the following:

A luxury house in the eastern suburbs above $30 million

Portfolio of 25 commercial properties for property settlement purposes

A strip of vacant land (on a pro bono basis) for a synagogue

A mixed-use inner-city building for mortgage purposes

A development of residential units for litigation purposes

A block of flats for capital gains tax purposes

Rural properties for pre-sale advice and vendor due diligence

Whatever the purpose, from a two bedroom unit to a waterfront home, commercial properties to development sites, I am available to assist. For a confidential discussion, or if you require any property to be valued and require the very best service, with objective impartial advice, please feel free to contact me any time.

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