While you were asleep: Minister for Women votes against women, Donald would friendpal Kim, Kenya’s World Cup referee scandal

Morning! Overnight, the Minister for Women betrayed her base, Donald would invite Kim over for snacks and we have a scandal on the eve of the World Cup.



Bill banning protest of abortion clinics becomes law, Minister for Women votes against it.

I don’t want to step outside myself here, but it seems that the primary credentials one needs to become the Minister for Women is a complete denial of reality, and an untreatable case of Dunning-Kruger. Just like Tony Abbott before her, the current Minister for Women, Tanya Davies has gone against those who she represents, voting against the bill to ban anti-abortion protesting at abortion clinics.



Fortunately, the Bill passed by a vast majority of 61 to 18. The bill will mean those who intimidate, harass or film people within 150 meters of any building that offers the service will face punishment most severe, inclusive of jail time.

Ms Davies has defended the aforesaid protestors previously, stating that she respects the work of these “sidewalk counsellors” stating: “They don’t force their views onto those women — they offer support and information that … may not necessarily be provided within an abortion clinics (sic)”.

Yeah, no.



Donald would totally invite Kim to the White House if all goes well. Naw.

When the lonely kid makes a new odd friend at school, invariably that weird kid will be invited back to their house, to invariably go through their shit, and force awkward conversation with the parental units as they nod and quietly wonder where their parenting went so very wrong.

With that being said, the possibility of friendship between Donald Trump and his Rocket Man may bring the possibility of lunch and/or seeing his stuff, as Donald this morning trumpeting that he would “certainly” invite Kim to the US if things go well, quickly adding the caveat that he’d mostly show him his workspace, stating: “Maybe we’ll start with the White House.”



Well, Donald, frankly I hope you’d be nice enough to invite him around to your room.

Just keep the door open, champ.



World Cup referee filmed accepting bribes, but let us not quickly judge. 

On the eve of the World Cup, we have a scandal so moderate that everyone who hates the sport will use it as a lubricant for their arid bias. Nevertheless, SCANDAL. Scandal most foul. Kenyan linesman Aden Marwa was one of the hundred outed by a BBC Africa investigation into corruption. Scheduled to appear at the World Cup, Marwa has been axed from the football carnival over the acceptance of a bribe of $600 US.

Yes, corruption is corruption, and the sanctity of sport and blah blah. However, anyone who has played the amateur version of football will know the pain of the linesman. Even among friends, it is the loneliest existence, you’re banished to the far side of the field, armed with a flag and the suggestion of power, when all it is is really licence for the masses to abuse you. You’re less than a referee, you’re a fucking linesman, and do you even know off-side, you gronk?



So, while we castigate Aden, know his struggle. He’s a professional linesman. His career is abuse. It’s all he knows. Every weekend, every day, he’s reminded that he is part of a very real subspecies, forever sleeping on the cold side of societies’ bed. If I was him, I’d line all of my pockets all of the time, not to smear the game, but as compensation for the shit I cop. I would have asked for more.

So judge not, until the whistle shrieks for thee.

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