Christie Spaces: Where it doesn’t take rocket science to put SMEs into space

Every SME needs a space to grow. For those looking to grow theirs in a cost-effective way, look no further than the places that Christie Spaces can launch you to.



By their very nature, small and medium businesses are not risk averse. The problem is that organisations with the resources to support and invest in them usually are.

Despite the problems and pressures in their path however latest statistics indicate that there are more SMEs than ever and increasing numbers of them are maturing into sustainable business models. Over two million SMEs are currently operating in Australia, of which 1.7 million are located in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. And the good news is that based on latest trends at least 62-64% of them are here to stay.

The first major watershed for an SME business often occurs in the third year of operations. The business model has proved its potential to become a long-term profitable proposition but the investment decisions taken at that point in anticipation of growth often prove to be make or break. There is always the temptation to take on a level of debt based on an over-optimistic forecast of revenue.

The urge to invest in more staff, more stock and more space can be difficult to resist. Cost-effective solutions to SME space issues however can increasingly be found at Christie Spaces.

In the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne CBDs, Christie offers world class interpretations of the co-working concept where all the benefits of a modern office environment are brought within the scope of SME budgets.

There’s superfast Wi-Fi, business class printing, chill out spaces, and Christies’ co-ordinators are always on hand to help.

There’s a choice of hot desks, open office, private office and project space at competitive rates and with flexible options for growing businesses.




Christie Spaces engenders a vibrant business community environment through organised social events and fitness activities, which every business owner knows is vital to their own ability to lead. And now they’ve created a novel idea to grow their community which offers handsome rewards to current members who lend a hand.

Current members of Christie Spaces qualify for 10% of the first month’s lease payment from any new member they refer. The payment is made just for making the referral. One could argue this is part of a subsidiary revenue strategy for savvy entrepreneurs.

Any partner with whom Christie Spaces currently does business can benefit from the same offer and receive 10% of the first year’s lease payments made by the new members they refer. Partner benefits include event invites, event hosting and new networking opportunities from within the community.

And any licensed real estate can benefit by receiving monthly ongoing payments for up to 12 months amounting to 10% of the lease payments from new members referred by them.

Already this programme is achieving marked success. Current members of Christie Spaces are benefitting from being part of a stronger community and being paid for helping make it happen.

Christie Spaces is the logical choice for SMEs from start-ups to established operations looking to secure a higher standard of office accommodation. Their breakthrough concept is arguably one of the key reasons why the current SME growth trend will be sustained.

Open a discussion with Christie Spaces by calling 1800 806 066. You’re guaranteed a friendly and helpful response. Or you can book a tour with them through

Getting into space with Christie is much less expensive than Cape Canaveral and gets you to a whole new world in the latest SME business accommodation a lot quicker.

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