Frequently in life, our Plan A fails. In times like those, it’s best we seek greater minds who can advise us on our next move.



Some believe that life is pre-ordained and our fate is sealed, no matter how hard we strive to change it. All we have to do is visit a highly-accredited fortune-teller to check what’s in store and then make the most of it.

For the rest of us, it’s unthinkable that we’re powerless to determine the course of our lives and that all the characteristically brilliant and inspirational initiatives we take through life are simply part of an inevitable Grand Plan.

Freedom to pursue our special dreams is one of life’s great gifts and to realise them one of life’s great bounties.

Dreams are rather like the Plan A of life. Some people are fortunate enough to realise their Plan A but most of us find that the changing circumstances of life mandate a switch to a Plan B. Perhaps Plan A wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, we changed our minds or met with an unexpected turn of events.

One company chairman recently remarked that a business plan only remains intact until the first day it is implemented; a lot like life-plans really. The fact is that most of us end up leading Plan B lives and for some, it’s even a case of C, D or E.

Kylie Parker’s Plan A dream was a brilliant career in accountancy, an idyllic marriage and an exemplary family life.

Her reality has been two divorces, messy business break-ups, involvement in the divorce of her current fiancé and single motherhood with two children. It has provided her with the ideal environment for discovering the advantages of a Plan B.

Having been through a particularly tough school of hard knocks Kylie has shown remarkable resilience to get her life back on a firm Plan B dream.

Her book is titled Planning Plan B. It is a complete and logical guide on how to construct a Plan B in advance to protect against life’s most prevalent and distressing events.

She is now an absolute convert to the thesis that “shit happens”. Personal experience has taught her that marriage, divorce, personal injury, being fired, deaths in the family and incapacitation can all have devastating effects on the Plan A of your life. In fact these days they seem to happen with such frequency that it’s essential to have a Plan B primed and ready to go.

People facing major unexpected crises without a Plan B are forced into critical decisions in haste and distress. Decisions made in such circumstances tend to lack the profound wisdom applied to those made in advance.

There is a pervasive mindset that today is far too busy for concerns about tomorrow, and anyway, matters that far ahead will take care of themselves.

Kylie is adamant that contingency planning to provide financial and lifestyle security should become a mandatory part of life. A strong Plan B will ensure you never have to slide down to Plan C, D or E.

Her book is titled Planning Plan B. It is a complete and logical guide on how to construct a Plan B in advance to protect against life’s most prevalent and distressing events and ensure the cost to you and your family is minimised.

The book has proved an invaluable therapy for Kylie and has brought considerable insight
and peace of mind to people who’ve already read it.

Kylie Parker identified the advantages of Plan B the hard way. Her book makes it a much easier proposition for everyone else and reassures them that the realisation of their Plan B dream can actually bring more fulfilment than Plan A.

If you would like to buy a copy of Kylie’s book please go to The digital version costs just $7.95 and the hard copy is excellent value at $24.84.

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