Elon Musk’s recent nonsense on Twitter places him on a similar trajectory to Kanye West. But who is to blame? Us, or him?



Elon Musk has a very specific taste. Whether he’s launching his penis into space, or throwing down with our own fossilised government over renewables, it’s fair to say that we’re always keen to peel off the wrapper and get musked.

However, dark clouds are brewing over his personality, as it almost seems that he’s following the galactic trajectory of another self-made self-genius of the self, Kanye West. Now, roll your eyes if you must, but you’re merely denying the truth. Consider Elon’s endeavours as pure, as they certainly are. Hyper-speed links, battery farms, emasculating NASA. All great moves that looked to tear down institutions that stood because we let them.

You could put them in the same box as Kanye’s earlier albums, as he did the same. He tore down the importance of following your ambition on your terms: I dropped outta school quick, I always had a PhD – a pretty huge dick. The lack of opportunity America faces: He couldn’t get work/So he figured he’d take work (work is slang for dealing drugs), and the myth of middle-class progress: She couldn’t afford a car, so she named her daughter Alexis.

All that early work had great social worth. Since then he landed on Planet Kardashian and well, we all know what happened next.

Elon is following Kanye’s template. He’s already mastered the powers of the Gods. While Kanye sold himself spitting fire as the new Jesus, Elon sold devices that spit fire. While it’d be unfair to label Elon’s Kardashian a true Kardashian (as she possesses talent) Grimes does share an element with Kim, an innate ability to break the internet through the power of rubbish meme, hackneyed op-ed and a constant justification of their weird relationship.

Seem familiar?

You could argue that the problem is with us, and that we’re all too keen to cut down celebrities to improve us, but there’s something else at play. To cross over into the borders of the unwelcome, one must take the ship Twitter.

Recently, Elon raised the red banner of Socialism on Twitter, claiming that Karl Marx was a capitalist, before swinging at everyone who claimed that they were of similar mind.



For those who snoozed through socialist economic theory (I mean we all did), peep this explainer:



I mean, it’s not exactly Kanye’s Imma let you finish moment, but it’s pretty close. He was dragged on Twitter, while still presumably claiming that he has one of best socialist manifestos of all time.



Strangely, much like Kanye, Elon on Twitter is a confusing delight. He talks grating nonsense, but he also makes great sense. Pop quiz, hotshot. Which of the below missives are Kanye’s, and which are Elon’s?

  1. I hope the kids are ok.
  2. Leaders create leaders.
  3. Heading back into the factory, so that’s enough for now. Don’t take my Tweet too seriously. For one thing, it’s called a “Tweet”.

Answers: Elon Musk, Kanye West, Elon Musk.

The last statement was in response to his self-revisionist history of socialism. Maybe we shouldn’t take what he says too seriously, and we should focus on his work, not his Twitter feed. Perhaps. But in applying the lessons of Kanye, the Kanye we can talk to is the one that controls how we view his work.




Elon might be a genius, but as long as he doesn’t come out and say it. If we stay here, we’ll be ok.

Just don’t say you made this bitch famous, Elon.





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