Future Classics Furniture: You can book it in for a long stay

The wrong furniture ruins the feel of a hotel room. With Future Classics Furniture, your home away from home has never felt so right.



Hotels like to present themselves as a home away from home despite the reality that there’s no place like home.

There’s no doubt however that people prefer to stay at hotels which have a homely feel to them. This is created both by the staff and also the look and feel of the place, the decor and the furniture.

While the furniture in hotels looks much the same as the selection at home – indeed many ideas for furnishing the home are inspired by hotels – there are significant differences.

Future Classics Furniture is increasingly seen in the best hotels because it is a leader in the especially high standards they set for aesthetic appeal and wearability.

Daniel Levy and Philip Glick are the founders and driving force behind the business. The long-term relationships they have built with furniture manufacturers the world over enable them to meet the exacting individual needs of virtually any hotel.

They have in fact become bespoke furniture suppliers to the hotel industry.

Their furniture development process is usually initiated by the receipt of sketches from a potential customer. Then there are a series of discussions on the finer details of elements like colour, finish and materials.

As a result Daniel and Phil create original designs and send them to the most appropriate manufacturer for the development of a sample. The process can even demand one of them flying overseas to ensure it’s done right. Then there can be much discussion and modification before final buttons are pushed or sewn on.

The development of furniture for top hotels demands exacting standards.

Future Classics Furniture use fabrics capable of passing tens of thousands of “rub tests”, their desk tops are scratch and water resilient and their woods of the hardest varieties.

The furniture they create for hotels is no less stunning than their residential models but it is less susceptible to wear and tear. That’s what it takes to ensure it matures into Future Classics in a hotel environment.

When they created the business Daniel and Phil realised that the last thing the world wanted was just another range of furniture so they created something compellingly different and distinctive.

Their designs are influenced by timeless classics and enriched by cultural diversity. The fabrics and raw materials are the very finest. Such is their dedication to excellence Daniel and Phil even created their own exclusive textured velvet when nothing else measured up.

The exclusive qualities of Future Classics Furniture are on show at Unit 1, 2 William St, Beaconsfield 2015 or at www.futureclassicsfurniture.com.au.

Or simply phone 0404 557 792 to start a conversation.

Phil and Daniel are experts in creating furniture that complements and enhances the very essence of a hotel’s image and design.

And their Future Classics Furniture represents a quality of home living that people love to enjoy when they’re staying away.



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 in the Future Classics Furniture showroom:
Unit 1, 2 William Street, Beaconsfield NSW 2015




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