Study: State of Origin directly linked to increase in domestic violence

According to research at La Trobe University, instances of domestic violence increases horrifically when the State of Origin rolls into town.



The State of Origin is a three-week spread where the fictional division between states becomes real. It is, as the broadcast continuously reminds us, a time of state versus state, mate versus mate. However, according to analysis, it seems that those who participate in the revelry are susceptible to extremely questionable behaviour, as those three weeks result in a surge of domestic violence.

Researchers from La Trobe University’s Centre for Alcohol Policy Research analysed six years’ worth of crime data and discovered a 40% increase of DV in this state the days we play Queensland. The studies also indicate a 71% uptick in non-domestic assaults.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education admitted that the reasons for violence is an extremely nuanced discussion, the link with Origin fixtures was extremely obvious. The research manager of the Foundation, Dr Melanie Pescud firmly planted that the NRL should acknowledge their findings, and implement a plan to remove the problem. To that end, Pescud believes the issue of alcohol sponsorship is priority A1. “The way that alcohol is so heavily marketed and promoted is a massive problem – it is so highly visible,” she told AAP.

Alcohol, and the ease of obtaining it, and the stupidity it enables is part of the issue. But responsibility is another. If you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to take responsibility of your actions.

Dr Michael Livingston, the deputy director of La Trobe’s Centre for Alcohol Policy Research said to Buzzfeed: “In the 12-hour window from 6pm to 6am on State of Origin game night, women and children in NSW are almost 40% more likely to become victims of domestic violence,”

I’m not going to make excuses or add levity to get my point across. Feel free to blame alcohol, the mash of primal testosterone you feel when you see someone in another colour shirt bloody another, and the fact that you got carried away; but you’re not nine years old. No-one should feel at danger in their own home, and no-one should be harmed over something as trivial as a football match.

Wake up to yourself, Australia.


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