The cost of dating in the modern age

Dates, app memberships, Ubers. The monetary cost of dating in the modern age is spooling out of control. 



As the great prophet J.Lo once said: Even if you were broke, my love don’t cost a thing. Well, recent data suggests that her thesis is incorrect.

According to numerous studies, finding love in the age of the app is an increasingly expensive proposition. This is primarily an American problem, because we Australians are smart. And cheap. Because the Americans charge users for the experience of having their hopes dashed and their lives ruined, the average lovelorner spends $239 a year just to be on dating sites, many cutting costs via promotions and coupons. Love is grand.

With the average cost of an average date around $101, Doing the maths, four dates a month equates roughly to $5,000 a year to search for love. What that figuring doesn’t take into account is the actions of the user. Four dates a month is fairly minimal, especially when you factor in beneficial friends, friends with benefits and the act of love as sport. What comes with that is the evenings, the dancefloor dancings and the transportation costs, because people deserve to be treated well. That and people love to front. Why yes. I drink champagne from the expensive shelf.


By 2022, the number of online daters is expected to be about 10.3 million in the U.S. alone. More users, more heartbreak, more profits, muaha ha ha.

So what to do? I mean, the obvious solution is to shut yourself off from the possibilities,  go live in a cave, draw a face on a volleyball and eventually drive yourself crazy. No? Alternatively, you can just cut costs by downloading the free versions and try your luck. If you’re going that option, the data backs it up, as the second column of this handy chart explains, the amount of money spent doesn’t improve the species of fish in the sea.


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