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Tanya Plibersek is the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Deputy Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party, Shadow Minister for Education, Shadow Minister for Women, and the Federal Member for Sydney.

Tanya Plibersek: The Liberals’ failure on schools continues

Despite numerous opportunities to change course, the Liberal government continues to fail our schools. We’ll restore every dollar of funding cut.  



Education ministers from across Australia, and once again Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals, have come away with no serious agreement on school policy.

Mr Turnbull’s education minister continues to fail our schools and our kids.

After nearly five years in government, the Liberals have:

  • Cut $17 billion from schools;
  • No national agreement on school funding;
  • No national agreement on reforms to improve schools; and
  • Become the first government in Australian history to unite public, Catholic and independent schools against their school funding policies.

Reports last week confirmed the Liberals’ unfair school funding regime is a complete mess:

“Public schools took the biggest hit from the Turnbull cuts in education – $1.9 billion in 2018 and 2019. That’s why we’re hitting the campaign trail again.”
—Correna Haythorpe, Australian Education Union

“As a result of the changes resulting from new government funding arrangements, our systems, and the continued provision of quality education for the young people in our schools, is under threat.”
Pam Betts, Executive Director, Brisbane Catholic Education, lead signatory in a letter to the Liberals from Catholic schools in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, and the ACT, reported in The Australian, 19 June 2018

“‘Growing alarm’ in school communities…”
—Michelle Green, Chief Executive, Independent Schools Victoria, reported in The Australian, 19 June 2018

The Liberals are cutting $17 billion from school to give it to the big banks.

Malcolm Turnbull can’t seem find $17 billion to properly fund schools, but he can find $17 billion to give the big banks a tax handout.

His priorities are all wrong.

Labor believes that getting our kids a great education sets them up for life.

With Labor, Australian schools have a brighter future, with better funding, outstanding teachers, and great results. We want our kids to get more individual attention, and more help with the basics such as reading, writing, maths, science, and coding.

That’s why Labor will restore every dollar of the $17 billion cut.

Mr Turnbull has cut from schools.

We will always put schools and services before banks.


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