Yes, you are reading this correctly. DeMarcus Cousins has just signed for the Golden State Warriors. Surely they’ve ruined the league this time.



This is how the league ends. Not with a bang, but with a boogie.

Not a handful of years since the Golden State Warriors ruined everyone’s fun by convincing Kevin Durant to form The Hampton Five, they’ve done it again. They’ve just signed the dominating DeMarcus Cousins for a pittance, with the man himself leaving about $20 million on the table.



Alas, not fake news, but the world we live in.

Now, for anyone who witnessed last year’s season knew it to be an awful one. Perhaps one of the numbest, joyless experiences in our sporting lives. Only LeBron dragging those mopes up the hill and creating memes along the way made it tolerable, but that was a denial. We knew the Warriors were going to win. And they did. At half pace.

What hurts this morning, is the cruel realisation. We thought the season would be different. LeBron moved to Los Angeles, The Rockets re-signed Chris Paul, perhaps there was a chance, and perhaps last year was just a terrible terrible dream. But that was yesterday. Today we understand that this season will indeed be different, in the fact that it remains the same, and somehow, much much worse.



Questions indeed must be asked, both of the NBA (who allowed the move, despite moving against similar ones in the past in the name of league parity), and what activity everyone else is going to watch instead. I’m of the mind that we should cut Oracle Arena from mainland America, force a Warrxit and just let them to play in international waters against pick-up teams of marauding Somalian pirates. Anything but this. It’s unfair, it’s wrong, and in the minds of Twitter, Cousins’ move is:



Nevertheless, this is where we stand.



DeMarcus Cousins, Adam Silver, The Golden State Warriors, you are the hollow men.





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