Jason Field has a proven track record in property valuation. He might be the expert the experts trust, but he’s one at your disposal. So, how much is your property worth?



When it comes to the family home most of us believe we’ve got a fair idea. We know the price they got for a similar place just down the street and there’s always someone in the family who’s a self-proclaimed property expert.

Every week there’s a flyer from a real estate agent offering a free valuation of your home as a promotional initiative. But they’re not property valuation experts.

Property is a critical part of anyone’s financial profile so there’s an undeniable rationale for understanding its true worth, and sometimes it delivers a boost to owner morale as a bonus.

It’s a valuable asset for personal financial planning or deciding whether to sell or invest in a property.

But it’s one thing to believe you know the value of a property and quite another to get an expert opinion.

Jason Field - National Property Valuers NSW

Jason Field is acknowledged as one of Sydney’s leading property valuers. He’s the one that banks, real estate agents, and lawyers call in when only the very best valuation advice will do. He’s also the one they trust to deliver a fast, thorough, cost-effective and error-free service.

Like most professionals at the top of their game, Jason exudes a quiet reassuring confidence. The vital edge that he brings to his work is an absolute obsession for detail. His professionalism and expertise lead him to routinely check things that the other valuers ignore.

For example, his valuations always comprise a review of ten comparable property sales when three is the industry norm. He never accepts the details on databases as gospel. In his process, they are a starting point rather than an end.

If a property is likely to be subject to a heritage listing or a nearby block of apartments Jason will be on to it. He will also sniff out any new road or railway developments as well as expansive neighbours, invasive councils or re-zoning that are likely to impact on future property values.

Jason undertakes a rigorous valuation process for all his clients because he’s only too well aware that little things can cause big variations in property prices.

He has a track record in accuracy of which he is particularly proud. With pinpoint accuracy, rarely has one of his valuations varied from a subsequent sale price by more than 5%.

During his 20-year career, leading banks (such as Westpac, St George, Macquarie, NAB and CBA) have trusted Jason over the years to undertake critical valuations, whether they’re for a $40 million harbour-side mansion, one-bedroom apartment, block of flats, commercial premises or development sites.

His clients know that they can count on him for good value and excellent customer service in every respect.

Valuations are provided for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Mortgage purposes
  • Stamp duty
  • Capital gains tax
  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Superannuation
  • Property settlement and family law
  • Acquisition and Resumption
  • Compensation & Litigation matters

If you’re in the market for a valuation of any type of property, contact Jason at National Property Valuers (NSW) Pty Ltd on (02) 8338 1809 or jason@npvnsw.com.au.

You can be absolutely assured that while Jason brings added value to his service, he never brings it to his valuations, and is renowned for his professionalism and objective independence at all times.

 National Property Valuers NSW


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