When deciding on your home loan, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Daniel Paci promotes a client-first approach, securing the lowest rates available in a personal, hassle-free process. 



When you’re out shopping for a home loan from major lenders it can sometimes feel like applying for parole in front of a board.

The general reaction to stories at the Royal Commission about banks throwing money around like confetti is one of surprise because it only ever seems to happen for other people.

Yet the fact is, home loan seekers are potential high value clients who deserve to be on the front foot. They seek simple, high quality advice and the lowest possible home loan rate from someone they can trust. They certainly don’t need anxiety, stress, and frustration in the quest to secure a deal that is critical to their future financial security. However, in all too many cases, that’s their fate.

It is unarguable that purchasing a home or refinancing or investing in one should always be subject to rigorous protocols but gaining a home loan should never be hazardous to health.

Surely in this day and age, it’s not unreasonable to ask that somebody disrupts the status quo with a process that is significantly more client orientated.

Daniel Paci obviously agrees with that assertion because that’s exactly what he has done.

His track record in the property business is impressive. He was one of the founders of Vault Mortgage, a major player in home lending, and also of Become-a-Mortgage-Broker, an organisation that has mentored and launched hundreds into successful careers.

He has few peers in the home lending sector, and when it comes to securing the lowest home loan rates for his clients, he is arguably peerless.

His latest venture, Best Home Loan Rates, is shaping up to be his best yet because it is built on considerable experience and sound client-orientated principles.

Daniel addresses potential client stress, frustration and anxiety through the reassurance of personalised communication procedures. He believes that is the only way to engender the degree of trust that is mandatory to ensure a satisfactory, hassle-free process.

He makes it an absolute principle of doing business that borrowers are his clients, not lenders.

Among the comments from clients which appear in the website are “Daniel’s market knowledge and on-going guidance have been an integral part of buying a property this year in the (somewhat daunting) Sydney market” and “The whole process was smooth and quick. He’s the one you can trust.”

If you’re in the market to buy, refinance or invest in a home, you can enlist Daniel’s help by going to www.best-home-loan-rates.com.au. Then select the Calculate Your Savings button to engage with the state-of-the-art Free Calculator App. This will enable you to compare your current home loan rate or other rates on offer with the current options from Daniel and identify the savings.

Next you can apply for a Free Home Valuation Report and then engage personally with Daniel. You’ll find him a very personable and trustworthy guy.

You’ll discover that dealing with him is not at all like fronting a parole board. It’s much more like receiving a get-out-of-jail-free card.


Daniel Paci

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