After a Canadian court recently found a musician’s ex-partner guilty of torpedoing his career, we had a deeper look at an unfortunate societal construct.



According to music, love is a verb, a drug, a battlefield and bourgeois construct. However, in reality, we know it to be a series of dick moves, motivated (and ruined) by how much one’s dick moves.

Flaying the ex (or unfairly keeping the current) is a particularly storied societal condition, if it were to be documented, the remaining trees in the Amazon would be shredded. The most contemporary example comes from Canada with the story of the musician’s career sabotaged by the jilted ex. Jennifer Lee met Eric Abramovitz in music class, and a great concerto of love was carved long into the liner sheets of his–it didn’t work out.

Flashforward to 2018 and a Canadian court found Lee guilty of sending a ‘no-thanks’ letter to the extremely exclusive conservatory Abramovitz scored a scholarship for. The reason why Jennifer took the form of Eric to crush his dreams, was love. She didn’t want him to move away. The court ruled in favour of Abramovitz to the tune of $260,000.

Naw, ain’t love grand.

There are a couple more examples we can examine, one being the story of Reuben Foster. Now, not to undercut the problems of domestic violence, or the often grim treatment athletes enact on their partners. They’re real issues.

However, when one fictionalises that issue, that’s another.



Eliss Ennis, Foster’s ex, gave a simple reason why. She wanted to ruin his career. Previous to that bombshell, Foster was tarred with a brush that has sadly painted a large corner of the NFL. He was a domestic abuser, and he should be kicked the fuck out. And I totally agree, if he was found guilty.

There’s another problem with that statement, as the NFL really doesn’t work like that. Evidenced by the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice, who punched his fiancee in the face (all caught on security camera mind you) and was charged with assault. The NFL banned him for two games. Two. He was eventually banned by the league, but his ban was overturned by the Federal Court. With that being said, he’s free to play, but no-one has offered him the opportunity.

It’s a ruling of sorts. But, perhaps the ruling should be clearer for all of us. Just don’t be dicks. Exes are people too.

Perhaps the grandmaster of exotic heartbreak can say it better than I can.



Except for you Ray Rice. You don’t get to listen to Jerry.

You can get lost.



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