Study: Those who see the same doctor live longer

According to a wave of recent studies, it seems that those who settle on a doctor stick around on this planet for longer.



I think we’ve been looking for the fountain of youth in the wrong place. As it turns out it’s not found in the swamplands of Florida, but rather in the weathered features of your long-term GP.

According to a recent study that gazed at 396,838 sufferers of diabetes. The data pointed at those who saw the same doctor continually, the death rate was half as high as those who went to just whoever.

Adding to that was the work of Denis Pereira Gray of St Leonard’s Medical Practice and colleagues at the University of Exeter, who analysed the results of 22 studies from nine countries with different health systems. Eighteen of the studies found that people who saw the same doctor over time had significantly lower death rates.

I mean, it could be coincidence, but Pereira thinks otherwise, stating: “When a patient sees a doctor they know and get on with, they talk more freely and give that doctor much more relevant information, sometimes quite personal information or anxieties they have, and the doctor can then tailor the advice and management plans much more subtly.”

So, is it legitimate in the real world? I’m unsure. Commit to a doctor, and we’ll pick this up in 2087.

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