America, no longer the most narcissistic country in the world: Study

In a ridiculous turn of events, America is no longer the most self-important nation in the world. I know, I don’t believe it either.



We know America to be the land of the free, the brave and the self-important. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that an American is possession of a flag is in want of an opportunity to wave it. It’s an easy stereotype to believe, one backed by the findings of science.

In an effort to plot a national “Narcissism Index,” researchers at the Washington University compared estimations by residents to how other people around the country ranked a state. Ostensibly, residents were asked how much they believe their state added to the US of A, and therefore how important they were.

Virginia and Delaware led the nation with the highest levels of collective narcissism. New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia and New Jersey followed close behind.

The researchers believe this is down to a few factors: that state history is often drilled into residents in school, and a psychological tendency in people to think of themselves as better than average and to associate themselves with successful groups.

Yes, giving the screaming eagle a red white and blue striped Abe Lincoln hat screams both confirmation bias and nothing new. Ho, hum.

However, a second study saw the researchers apply their approach on a global scale, and asked residents in 35 countries how much they contributed to the pages of history.

The results showed an even stronger community of collective narcissism. Hilariously, residents in every country surveyed had astronomically high estimations of their role.

Peep this. The residents of the lowest-ranked country (therefore the most humble), the forever neutral Switzerland, believed that their nation contributed 11.3 percent to global events, despite sitting most of it out.

The study also discovered that relatively small countries had large estimations of their importance. For instance, Malaysians believed they contributed 49 percent of the world’s history. Portugal said 38 percent (which considering their ramshackle colonial bulltwang in Africa, South America and that Magellan bloke, maybe), whereas Canada figured themselves 40 percent important. For what? Northern Exposure and Justin Trudeau? Please.

However, the real rug pull in the data was the USA, who as we all know, have abused us with their “American Century” since they dropped the bomb on Japan in 1945, but in this ruling, they found themselves in the middle of the pack, flanked by Peru, Bulgaria, and Singapore.

Perhaps they’re just not that proud to be an American.

It seems that the leading narcissist in the world, according to the study, was Russia, whose residents on average believed their country contributed 60.8 percent of the world’s history. All hail.


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