Overhauling the NSW education system – a Year 10 student responds

As a student subject to the upcoming changes to the curriculum, I support some of the changes, but I feel some things are better left as is.



I will be speaking from the perspective of a Year 10 student. Ingeborg van Teeseling’s article is very interesting and I do believe there need to be changes made to the curriculum; however, I believe English and Ancient History should still be taught the way they are.

Other more suitable subjects that could be included in the curriculum could be looking after our environment and our planet, and also animal welfare. I also think that money and budgeting should be something we definitely include because that’s a really important life skill, and I feel there are some subjects that really need to be updated to reflect current trends. One example is food technology where the most recent studies in regard to diet have changed.

The idea of getting students out of the classroom and into the community to work within different groups sounds interesting. This would give the kids greater skills in getting to know how things work outside of a classroom.

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Smaller classes are also a great idea as the teacher can spend more time with you if you are having trouble understanding something and it would allow teachers to quickly identify if there are any kids being disruptive. We also should have more learning support teachers in classes. One-on-one help can be given during class without impacting the other kids in the class.

The one size fits all argument is a good one, but it would need to be done within reason. You would not want a much older kid mixed in with younger ones as this would be an issue for their self-esteem and make them a target for bullying. It could be done but would really need to be within a two year age group. I’m not sure that putting a Year 6 kid in with a Year 3 kid is the right thing to do.

We also move onto the next year’s curriculum even if we have not successfully understood the current year’s work. This I believe really needs to change.

It should be noted that in Year 11 and 12 there are many subjects to choose from and English is the only compulsory subject for the curriculum.

All kids are individuals and we don’t fit in the same box. We learn at different rates. I do believe the curriculum does need to change but there are so many factors that need to be considered.


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