Christie Spaces: How the other half work

Often in business, you have to make do. Your office is either pleasant to be in, or it has a great location. With Christie Spaces, you can finally have both.



I can’t tell you how shocked I felt when I realised I was spending more time in the office than at home.

Perhaps you’ll understand the depth of my concern when I tell you our office is known as the ‘Penitentiary’ because the only difference from Long Bay is that we’re allowed to go home at night. It was built in the 1930s in the classic Great Depression genre. There are about thirty of us girls at workstations in a cavernous room and we all feel like battery hens yearning to go free range.

Last week, I dropped in to see my friend Alice at her workplace in North Sydney. She’s located in the Christie Spaces set-up there and I just could not believe the difference. Compared with our place, it was like the Ritz.



This was a state-of-the-art co-working space in an environment that was bright and really buzzing. I couldn’t believe the collaborative areas where you can go and chill-out in comfort, and connect with like-minded workers.

Alice told me about all the community activities they arrange there; social get togethers, fitness classes, fund-raising events for good causes and welcome aboard parties for new tenants. It really felt like a happening place.

Christie’s co-ordinators are all over the place arranging events, taking bookings for conference rooms, welcoming new tenants and ensuring that all the office services are up to speed. Their Wifi is world-class, and Alice tells me there’s never a problem with the phones, the business printers always work and the office temperature is always just right.

The only team-building activity at our place is the rush for the exit at 5.30 and the only place to chill out is round the coffee machine where relaxation is unthinkable and the coffee undrinkable.

Our computer system crashes every week and it seems like we’ve been expelled from our NBN network.

Even the ladies room at Christie’s was tasteful. The one at our place strikes me like a gents that’s been refurbished with a couple of extra mirrors.

The location of Christie’s in North Sydney would suit me just fine. There are great restaurants and trendy coffee bars just down the street and you can pop out at lunchtime to do the shopping. Our office is way out in ‘Woop-Woop’ south of the airport. The only place within easy walking distance is a café at a petrol station which doesn’t even rate one greasy spoon in the Truckie’s Good Food Guide.

I’ll tell you what, they’ve got a great special offer at Christie’s: 50% off the cost of any office space for the first three months and 50% off a project space comprising at least 35 desks for the first six months. That applies to all Christie’s co-working offices in Melbourne and Brisbane CBDs as well as the others in Sydney.

There are all sizes of businesses at Christie’s from hot desks, open offices, private offices and Alice works for one in a huge project space.

For me working at a Christie’s place would be like scoring a get-out-of-jail-free card. I liked their co-working concept so much I told Alice to keep me posted on any opportunities with businesses located there. There’s no chance that our business would relocate to Christie’s. The culture shock would be altogether too much for a business still struggling to come to terms with the challenges of the 20th century.

Anyway I’ve kept their number 1800 806 066 on my mobile because I’m tossing up about applying for a co-ordinator position there. If they had them at our place, they’d most likely be known as wardens.


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