Report: Neil deGrasse Tyson regrets his Pluto tattoo

Apparently, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s petition to reinstate Pluto as a planet came soon after we discovered the details of one rather drunken night out.



NEW YORK, NY – Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is reportedly really regretting his now infamous Pluto tattoo on his lower back.

“Look when I got the ol’ Pluto tramp stamp it was my favourite planet,” explained Tyson. “Yes, looking back on it it was probably a mistake. But that’s what happens when you spend a night out on the town with Bill ‘Rye’ Nye.”

The night in question happened over four years ago when the two scientists headed out for a few drinks in New York City. According to TMZ, Tyson and Nye were kicked out of three different clubs and ended up walking the streets of SoHo challenging people to science questions.

“I don’t remember much of that night to be honest,” said Nye. “I do remember Neil getting that tramp stamp though. Thank God I didn’t make that mistake and get some anti-GMO tattoo.”

According to reports, Tyson is now campaigning for Pluto to be reclassified as a planet.


This article was first published on The Science Post and is reprinted with permission.


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