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The Toronto shooting so far: 14 wounded, one dead and four awful seconds of footage

Gun violence has stepped the streets of Toronto, with one Twitter user unbelievably capturing the moment it happened.



Again we step into the realms of the bloody unreal, as Toronto has become the world’s stage for captured gun violence.




As it stands, we’re minus a motive, but what we know so far is the numbers. Between fifteen and twenty shots were fired into a restaurant, leaving nine to twelve people injured and one dead. The person responsible also lay dead, felled after an exchange with the law. To that end, the police have yet to rule out terrorism as a motive. On that front, we will have to wait and see.

Brutally, we have something naked, and far uglier, as the internet’s myriad eyes caught the moment it happened, something that we were spared in the first cracking seconds of the Las Vegas shooting. We met that scene at a distance, only hearing the dull percussive thuds. However, this afternoon the horror is almost intimate, as this short tableau of the moment could not be clearer.



Truly awful. Strangely, at least to me, it doesn’t seem real. It speaks of the hyperreality of our time, the ease of the ugliness that sits under the veil that social media has consistently thrown back. The eyes see, the mind knows and the heart feels, but still the body spasms against the vision of a horror so obvious.

More on this as it comes to light.


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