One way to make AI work: Make it as stupid as we are

The main problem we have with AI is that it is too smart. So, one startup has decided to go the other way with it. The idiots.



I’m just going to come out and say it, the primary issue that we have with AI is that we suspect it might be smarter than us. Might be.



It is.

However, we should chill, as a solution is at hand, and it stems from the world of toxic relationships. We’re not going to improve ourselves, we’re just going to make the other party as stupid as we are.

That’s the aim of Landbot, a one-year-old Spanish tech startup, who have decided that laziness is the way forward: it’s making a chatbot-builder for businesses that does the bare minimum, and nothing more.

“We started our chatbot journey using Artificial Intelligence technology but found out that there was a huge gap between user expectations and reality,” co-founder Jiaqi Pan tells TechCrunch. “No matter how well trained our chatbots were, users ended up in 20 different ways of saying ‘TALK WITH A HUMAN’.”

Ostensibly, they’re looking to be smart, by being stupid.

I mean, it could work, or maybe you guys can just, you know…try harder?




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