Reo Group: Elevating underprivileged kids

In this country, there is a massive gap between those who have opportunity, and those who don’t. The outstanding work of Reo Group is bridging that chasm.



It’s easy to make a personal contribution to a good cause; you simply write a cheque, arrange a transfer or drop coins into a box.

For a business aiming to be a good corporate citizen, it’s not that simple. A corporate social responsibility initiative is not just a good deed but also a public statement about the business, its people, and its stakeholders. So when a business does the right thing it’s critical to ensure it’s done right.

In planning a corporate social responsibility initiative for Reo Group Co-Founder and CEO Stella Petrou Concha went to great lengths to do it right.

She sought a cause that was consistent with the values of the business, a highly successful executive recruitment agency in the finance and accounting market. Their mission is Elevating Human Potential.

Stella Petrou Concha: Co-Founder and CEO of Reo Group

Stella had become increasingly concerned that a considerable sector of the Australian community doesn’t have the educational qualifications needed to secure good jobs and the lifestyle and personal freedoms they bestow.

She initially sought guidance on how Reo Group might help address this problem by studying the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a result, she identified the goal of ‘Quality Education’ as the most appropriate to pursue.

Then Stella opted to make Reo Group a member of B1G1, a Singapore-based international organisation with a very singular vision based around ‘Buy 1 Give 1’. They believe a portion of every business transaction should be donated to a not-for-profit working to make the world a better place.

B1G1 provide a unique service exclusively for their small and medium business members. They match them with not-for-profits, whose credentials they have approved at board level, to produce corporate social responsibility initiatives that are in the interests of both parties. They guarantee their members that every cent of the funds raised by them on a Buy1Give1 basis goes to the not-for-profits. There are currently over 600 projects happening across the B1G1 universe.

In consultation with B1G1 Stella opted for Reo Group to undertake a CSR initiative in support of the Dot Com Mob’s operations in remote communities of Australia because they are focused on educating underprivileged kids.

76% of kids in remote Australian communities have no access to schools at any age. By the age of 15 only 29% of them meet the national minimum reading standard.

Dot Com Mob establishes Knowledge and Technology Centres that provide internet access in remote areas.

Their operations are based on the now proven premise that technology provides a pathway to poverty alleviation.

Dot Com Mob are not teachers but rather facilitators who inspire underprivileged kids to go on their own learning journey on donated second-hand computers. They guide the kids to seek information on the internet about subjects which interest them like music and sport. Thus the kids gain a reason and a motivation to learn and the subsequent education levels they achieve are amazing.

Reo Group donates the equivalent of 50 days of computer time to Dot Com Mob every time they place a candidate. Their target is 50,000 days within two years.

Stella took great care to identify and establish a CSR initiative which is entirely consistent with the business’ mission of Elevating Human Potential.

Stella believes that this type of CSR initiative has the power to lift not only the people it is designed to benefit but also all those who help make it happen.

And as it succeeds in Elevating Human Potential in Central Australia it will also succeed in elevating the community as a whole.


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