Cricket Australia dismissing an employee for advocating abortion is half the issue. We should care about this much more than a tampered ball.



This morning we stand at a rather interesting pivot. After Cricket Australia dismissed an employee for actively campaigning for abortion reform, it’s now upon us to define what we expect of our institutions.




The last time they made the news, a square of sandpaper grated on us, as the manipulation of a ball was rocketed to a fiasco, as we angrily called for heads to be lopped, as, among other things, they set a poor example for our children.



Well, one must pause to ask, what example is this setting? Through the prism of CA’s values, perhaps it is that a mother’s currency is irrelevant. Listen to your father. A woman is only worthy of dismissal. While their body is theirs, of course, it also exists as evidence that can be used against them.

According to Fairfax, Williamson was “exposed” after a senior member of the Tasmanian government disclosed her abortion to the administrators of Cricket Australia’s regional branch, Cricket Tasmania. Sticking to objective facts, Williamson had to travel to Melbourne as the only clinic in the entirety of the state closed. Subjectively speaking, how did this nameless figure know, why did that factor into the decision, and how did empathy, or common logic not enter into the decision.

Surely it had to pass through many hands before it was rubber stamped.

Which is the issue, we’re not dealing with one person, we’re dealing with a culture. Clearly 1951 rolls on down the corridors of Cricket Australia, a halcyon place where a woman’s place is out the door.



It’s not Cricket. It’s institutional misogyny.

The question now, is what do we, the populace do? We essentially entered into a soft boycott after the actions of Smith, but surely this calls for something harder. To set an example, especially for our children, we need to make one of them.



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