Woman marries herself after relationship didn’t work out

Instead of facing the grim dating scene, one Gold Coast woman decided to give up and marry herself. Seems legit.



One of the lies we’re told from a very young age is that there is someone out there for all of us. As an adult, we soon discover that this is mostly a lie. While many fish swim in the sea, most of them are not fit for consumption. Call it romantic Surströmming.

However, there is hope, as apparently you can marry yourself. Walking down the aisle of logic and taste comes the story of one Gold Coast woman who decided that her true love one was herself.

Seems legit.

The person in question is Linda Doktar, who took ‘a journey of healing and reaffirmation’ and ended up finding herself. For the big day, she decided to be the only one in attendance, wearing a dress of white and a necklace that symbolised the commitment she had made…to herself.


Quick question. Considering that she’s taken the vows rather seriously, and entered into selfie-monogamy, does that also means that the only person she can do is her? Has she thought this through?

According to one lad-based publication, Doktar said of her big day: “…when I look back at my ceremony I smile because it reminds me of a turning point in my life when I decided to connect to deeper levels of self-love and self-connection. It put me on a path to a better relationship with myself.”

You know what, that’s fair enough. Who are we to define what love is.

You do you, Linda.



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