Ush Dhanak: Getting emotions and intelligence perfectly into sync

To get ahead in life, we need to refine who we are. We need someone like Ush Dhanak to hone our intelligence and our emotions.



The course of our lives is heavily influenced by the quality of our own decision-making.

Our friends, careers, marriages, problems and interests have all resulted from our decisions. With the benefit of hindsight some of those decisions were of the highest order while there are others we’d like to forget.

Some decisions are made without the benefit of sufficient facts or considerations while others are overly influenced by our emotions.

Phrases like “he let his emotions get the better of him” and “she let her heart rule her head” are often used to describe decisions which turn out to be ill-advised.

The application of emotional values is critical to effective decision-making but they rarely work well in isolation. In the vast majority of instances they need to be skillfully applied in a harmonious balance with rational considerations.

Everyone makes hundreds of good decisions every day because they’re virtually repetitions of previous ones and we learn from experience.

Key business decisions however comprise complex elements that demand a balanced application of all capabilities. The ability to bring Emotional Intelligence to bear brings a distinct advantage.

Ush Dhanak is the leading practitioner in the compelling new field of Emotional Intelligence. She has built an impressive track record of partnerships with top business management leading to the successful integration of Emotional Intelligence into corporate operations.

Ush has been their go-to resource when the same old management and training techniques are not working as well as they used to, when they no longer adequately prepare executives to address new challenges like change, disruption and automation or produce the focused, confident and united teams that succeed in today’s marketplace.

Emotional Intelligence is a personal skill-set with the power to raise performance as a manager, an employee or a person.

It inculcates a greater understanding of the nature and power of personal emotions and how they can be harnessed and applied to greater effect, how they can be applied more intelligently and selectively to raise personal performance.

Beyond better decision-making Emotional Intelligence also promotes higher leadership skills, enhanced self-evaluation, self-confidence and self-motivation, as well as resilience and a greater ability to handle stress. It simply brings out the best in people.

Key business decisions demand a balanced application of all capabilities. The ability to bring Emotional Intelligence to bear brings a distinct advantage.

By no means is Ush an overnight Emotional Intelligence success. She has honed her expertise through an impressive career in HR management and executive coaching. It is that experience that has led her to the conviction that Emotional Intelligence is today’s optimum pathway to higher business performance.

Ush conducts one-on-one and group mentoring for clients with characteristic charm, conviction and skill. Her programme is designed to encourage Emotional Intelligence techniques to cascade down through the management structures.

Emotional intelligence is increasingly recognised globally as the skill-set ideally suited to meet the challenges of modern business. Ush is recognised as the best way to apply it to business in Australia.

Ush would be delighted to discuss Emotional Intelligence matters with you on 0417 642 341 and you can also gain more insight by going to [email protected]

While it will not be possible for you to apply Emotional Intelligence to a decision to engage Ush’s services you’ll find it nonetheless to be one you can look back on with great satisfaction.


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