Airfitness: A new exercise in support for personal trainers

Personal trainers are there to help us improve ourselves, but little day-to-day support exists for them. The Airfitness system is changing this – one session at a time.



Some personal trainers find their job is a bit of a stretch.

It involves getting up early to embark on many hours of workouts, dealing with clients whose avoirdupois is difficult to dislodge and others who have either forgotten to come or don’t turn up when it’s raining.

But for those who love the exhilaration of exercise, inculcating it in others and introducing them an altogether new feeling of wellbeing it is a richly rewarding career.

There’s a certain sense of personal freedom about the job and the satisfaction of providing a service to clients that brings substantial benefit.

And there are many days of the year when it’s comforting to reflect that your place of work is a gym, a park or a beach rather than an office.

First however, trainers have to qualify for the job through studying hard enough for the requisite diploma or a degree. Then there’s the commitment to highest levels of personal fitness, honing your interpersonal and training skills and becoming an expert in analysing and meeting the requirements of each and every client.

A successful business can generate training sessions from dawn to dusk but also challenges like finding enough time to manage it efficiently.

Generally speaking, personal trainers would much rather be on a beach or in a gym than at a desk doing the books. Yet there’s the bookings to be managed, marketing plans to be developed and activated, bills to be paid, and staff to be supervised.

For many personal trainers the day-to-day management of their business is the biggest stretch of all. The last thing they feel like doing after a day of client workouts is paying bills, confirming bookings or chasing creditors.

Some are even deterred from taking up a personal training career through a lack of confidence in their own ability to run a business.

No one appreciates these issues more than Deborah Goldberg. She is widely considered to be Australia’s number one fitness entrepreneur, especially following her great success in building the Zumba program and brand right across the country.

Now she’s taking on the challenge of building a personal trainer marketplace through an online platform called Airfitness. It promotes trainers to their local markets, takes bookings from clients and provides them with a payment system.

Personal trainers can register their business on the platform free of charge and there is a commission of just 10% on client payments made through it.

The Airfitness platform will be strongly promoted to potential clients as a ready access to trainers who can meet their individual needs for location, timing and specialist expertise.

The platform also has the capacity to lend a national and even international dimension to both trainer operations and also client requirements as relevant. And it offers substantial support to personal trainer start-ups.

People are increasingly using mobile technology to source services like shopping, transport and travel, not to mention dating. Airfitness offers personal trainers a great opportunity to add their services to that list.

Deborah has assembled a team of fitness industry experts to design a personal trainer marketplace that responds comprehensively to the needs of both personal trainers and clients. Those training slots in the middle of the day will no longer be as tough to fill and those late nights chasing new clients will happen much less frequently.

The inimitable Deborah Goldberg flair, energy and get-up-and-go is now one hundred percent focused on making the Airfitness platform the seamless super support system for personal trainers.

Go to to register your business on the platform and email [email protected] or phone 0421 328 983 if you would like to discuss the concept directly with Deborah.

You’ll find that Airfitness can help you make your business as fit as your clients.



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