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Hiam Sakakini and Monika Gisler found that Google presented them with more search opportunities than they’d expected.

During a combined 20 years of work experience there in sales and HR, they became progressively more impressed with Google’s harmonious workplace and intrigued by the leadership techniques responsible for creating it.

This led them to widely research management and leadership techniques. Why are some managers far more effective than others? What skills do they have that others lack? Why are the workplaces they create more positive, collaborative and successful?

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After considerable research and evaluation, Hiam and Monika were finally satisfied that they’d arrived at answers of sufficient quality and depth to those questions to justify opening their own People & Culture consultancy, ThinkChangeGrow, and flagship leadership program, The Greater Collective.

They are now on a mission to bring positive change to workplace environments. Corporate culture has long been considered by some to be an oxymoron but the dedicated duo are now promoting its potential as a competitive market force.

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The term “manager” will become obsolete soon. To Hiam and Monika that refers to an out-moded function where one person simply instructs others to implement corporate policy and procedures.

They believe rather in developing leaders at all levels who mentor, motivate and inspire their teams to become an integral part of a winning corporate culture.

Corporate culture they believe is the collective behaviour, impact and output produced by all employees in a company. You can feel whether it’s of the winning variety as soon as you step through a company’s front door.

Sometimes a winning culture can be generated out of success, sometimes it is the product of gifted leadership, but in the majority of cases, outside expertise of the superior Hiam and Monika variety is required to help make it happen.

They usually start with a two-pronged approach simultaneously working Leadership and Teams to develop critical soft skills that form the foundation for intentionally designing the culture and employee experience.

They introduce new learning techniques. Remember all those seminars when you were introduced to some brilliant breakthrough techniques and then went away and forgot all about them? Twenty-four hours after you are introduced to a new technique at a Hiam and Monika seminar, they ensure you are putting it into practice for a charity or not-for-profit. That way you not only benefit from the chance to make a worthwhile contribution but you also don’t forget.

A positive corporate culture delivers many benefits:

  • it raises employee commitment and contribution and brings out the best in them personally and professionally;
  • it produces improved internal communications and interpersonal skills;
  • it is a major factor in attracting top talent to a company;
  • it reduces staff turnover;
  • it impacts beneficially on the way a company relates to its partners and its customers;
  • it raises corporate competitiveness – a company working in absolute harmony is a very powerful force that will thrive long-term

Hiam and Monika are leading by example because the influence of ThinkChangeGrow’s corporate culture is spreading rapidly.

A growing number of companies are reporting the benefits flowing from the culture they have helped make happen.

Deakin University, via its entity DeakinCo., has recognised their unique skills and has collaborated with ThinkChangeGrow to align its unique Professional Practice Credential model to their leadership courses. People who have satisfactorily completed a The Greater Collective program will have an opportunity to do a Credential and potentially receive credit into degrees.

“Deakin’s Professional Practice Credential model includes recognising experiential development and innovative programs that challenge the participant and result in real and beneficial changes. The Greater Collective aligns perfectly with this philosophy and the combination of their personal development with our validation and confirmation of expected changes provides great value to organisations and individual.”
—Jon Kerr, Head of Strategic Partnerships

Dexus Place has come on board as venue sponsor for the Sydney chapter of The Greater Collective program. Dexus Place is a premium high-tech collaborative meeting and event space in Sydney’s CBD, and is specifically designed to foster innovation and drive productivity among businesses and entrepreneurs.

“We are delighted to host the educational workshops at Dexus Place, Sydney. Dexus is passionate about innovation, so it was a natural fit to support this initiative aimed at continuing personal and professional development.”
—Chris Hynes, Dexus’s Head of Office and Industrial Leasing

A company’s most valuable assets are without question its people. Hiam and Monika are pushing the boundaries to create the new leadership skills that those assets deserve.

Telling them how to do their jobs is no longer enough. It is far preferable to lead them to work that out for themselves.

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