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Andrew Wicks is a country boy with a penchant for movies and sport. After a few years working in health, he decided he'd rather work with today's youth and studied arts and education in rural NSW. His main interests are religion, health and lairy shirts.

Jingo unchained: Sky News’ neo-Nazi stunt puts the onus on us

With Sky News putting on a man who idolises Adolf Hitler, I suggest it’s time we step away from the establishment’s narrative of fear.



It seems that one of the core pillars of this country, our multiculturalism, is being severely tested. In the last handful of months, we’ve been invaded by African gangs, the Canadian Alt-Right and the sight of a citizen who wants to hang pictures of Adolf Hitler in classrooms on Sky News.



It is undoubtedly a concerning time. While we could blame the ascension of Donald Trump, it’s not on him. Racism will always exist in this country, we’re a country born/reborn by force. Our original sin was dividing the lines between white Australian and the rest with a bayonet. We cannot change our history, however, we can impact is the idea of the Australian value, in what does it mean to be one of us.

The problem is that we’re confused. ‘National pride’ is only driven as a vehicle of division. It’s been twisted. People like Blair Cottrell are the definition of this. They evoke the spirit of the ANZAC, while flying the flag of the country that the ANZAC died fighting.

Despite the fact that Sky News immediately apologised and immediately removed the interview, we’ve clearly crossed over into extreme thought being part of the everyday flow of information. While the adjusted can see beyond it, I fear it is those who do not have the benefit of connection who would be the most affected. A confident voice on a trusted platform is a powerful thing. When in doubt, trust the established voice.



It’s becoming increasingly clear that the old maxim of not believing everything you read is becoming objective fact. What is reported is not Australia, it’s the projection of our own fear. We fear this place will be taken from us, it’s why we cling so tightly to traditions, and it’s why the face of the “invading force” keeps changing every few years. The Vietnamese, The Lebanese, The Chinese, The Sharia Laws, The South Sudanese. Somehow, despite the fact that we survive these invasions, the fear remains. It’s ridiculous.

We know that these fears are superfluous, as we know that the experiences that we’ve witnessed fly against the official narrative of fear and division. The eyes see, the heart feels and the mind knows that they’re not telling the truth. Despite what we’re being fed, we know that people don’t deserve to be put in a cage, and we know that the danger they pose is nil. Despite the very loud few that see ‘White Australia’ as the policy to restore, the vast majority of us should see this challenge as one to be met.

It’s a question of identity. I suggest we all mass under an older Australian value – calling bullshit thus when we see it.












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