Tech company creates facial mapping software to “stop” hackers

One tech company has created a facial recognition program that also pulls all the available information on the target. But they did it for the greater good.



When hackers gathering intel for phishing or malware attacks entertain the usual Facebook stalking we all do, but on a much larger scale. They use automated tools to gather information on hundreds – or even thousands – of whoever they’re targeting.

Back in August, Social Mapper hit the market, which in theory, is an open-source facial recognition tool designed to help the good hackers pace their criminal counterparts. Of course, it’s probably just enabled more the latter than the former.

According to the website, just feed the system a list of names with a single photo of the person. The next step is using facial recognition technology to match the right profile to the target. It’s frankly the middle 1960s in computing speed, as it takes about a day to sift through two thousand names.

Eventually, the program creates a report based on all the information it gathered. Per Futurism “…this could include links to all their profiles, all of their profile photos, and any emails associated with their accounts.”


So, obviously, this sounds like a terrible idea, as it’s yet another mysterious database with all our information on it. However, the team responsible say they created Social Mapper for use by “penetration testers and red teamers,” people or groups that probe sites, apps, and networks for security vulnerabilities.

As a Trustwave spokesperson told Gizmodo, hackers “are already using or most likely have” tools and technologies like Social Mapper, so by making their tool open-source, they’re simply levelling the playing field.

I mean, ok.

Can’t they just download Social Mapper, though?

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